Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: My Harrison Ford

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My Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy, Harrison Ford is my first child and I love him dearly. He is the cutest, sweetest, most loving dog that I have ever encountered. He wants nothing more than to be pet and loved by his mommy.

I am concerned that he is going to get jealous once the baby comes in July. He sleeps with every night in my nook, but he is already being put out of his sleeping spot because my nook no longer exists. My belly bump has taken over the nook spot and it is just too uncomfortable to sleep with him there right now.

cavalier-king-charles-spaniel, harrison ford

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel’s are known for being great with children and that was part of what drew me to the breed in the first place. Harrison was really great with my nephews, but they were both toddlers at the time. He met a infant when my friends brought their daughter over and Harrison was really confused by her. I have to do some reading on how to acclimate dogs to children so that the baby is protected and the dog still feels loved. I will let you know what I find out.



Do you have advice on acclimating Harrison Ford to the new baby?

Sharing is caring!

5 thoughts on “Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: My Harrison Ford”

  1. When you have the baby wrap him in a blanket for a few hours then have your hubby take it home and let the dog have the blanket. We did this with all our dogs and it helped them to already know their smell and associate them with being in the house.

  2. We took a class on that when I was pregnant. The blanket suggestion was also given to us, which we didn’t do šŸ™ I wish we had’ve though. (They also suggested putting the baby’s blanket or anything with its scent by the dog food bowl, so they associate that with something good). I had 2 dogs, and my male dog NEVER got used to or liked my son! He was protective of him, even slept in front of his crib…but didn’t want anything to do with him otherwise.


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