What to Do with Christmas Lights after December

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What to Do with Christmas Lights after December

Christmas has come and gone, but I still love Christmas lights and want to use them in projects all year long. In college, I lined my ceiling with Christmas Lights so that I could shut off the main lights when I had parties. My roommate wanted it in her room and after I stapled them to her ceiling she proceeded to call me the crafty girl for years to come. I’ll gladly take that title as I love crafting and DIY projects.

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Wrap your trees with Christmas Lights for a backyard party. Christmas lights make great mood lighting and is an inexpensive way to avoid purchasing up lighting for your backyard. I will definitely be doing this once my backyard is party ready.

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Image c/o of The Glitter Guide

You can also string the lights across your backyard using trees to anchor them or if you do not have tall enough trees, then you can add poles.

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Image c/o of Style Me Pretty; Photography Erin J. Saldano

 You can also use the Christmas lights from Christmaslightsetc.com to hang photos or post cards. I love this idea for the holidays and beyond because I am constantly getting cards in the mail that I want to display.

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Image c/o of Criscrascrus

You can also use your Christmas lights to create a photo background. I have been trying to do this in my new office, but the lights that I chose are coming out more purple than white. Use traditional tungsten Christmas lights for this project.  Here is a great photography DIY from Kristina McCaleb Photography. She helps create the coveted light bokeh. It is my favorite thing in photos.

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Image c/o Kristina McCaleb Photography

Do you have any ideas on how to use Christmas lights after December? What do you think of these DIY ideas?



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3 thoughts on “What to Do with Christmas Lights after December”

  1. this is such a good idea. I live deep in the woods, no street light, and only small porch light. I am gonna do this on a couple of my trees for evening light.

  2. I have friends who string their lights around the dining area to help set the mood. I’d love to do this, but would get a lot of flack from family members.


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