Colored Leather Loafer DIY

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Loafers (leather or faux leather will work)

Tarrago Leather Paint

Tarrago Leather Preparer

Leather Application Sponge (comes in Tarrago kit)

Mixing brush (comes in Tarrago kit)

Drop cloth (large garbage works)

Masking Tape

Paper Towel


do it your self style fashion casual work wear

Step 1

Find some leather 0r faux leather loafers that are so boring in an traditional color like brown, black, beige or whatever color you already have. I found mine at DSW for a 1/10 of the original price on the clearance rack for the clearance rack.  You can find some one ebay, goodwill, or even payless.  The only thing that I would suggest is look for comfortable shoes because your going to end up loving these colored loafer so make sure you can actually wear them.

Step 2

Pick a Terrago color!

This website reminds of pantone. They have tons of colors! I wanted all them, but decided to get  blue because it seemed the most versatile. I also bought some neon colors in a different brand so expect a future leather DIY involving neon. The color used was Air Force # 58.

Color Note

Steer clear of the gold as it read far too yellow gold for my taste. The blue loafers were #503 gold before they were air force blue and they were just the wrong color gold.  Ick!

Step 3

Prep the shoe to be painted with the preparer using a paper towel.

Step 4

Tape off the sole so that you don’t paint them accidently.

Step 5

Paint the leather using small circular motions with the sponge.

do it yourself loafers blue

Sharing is caring!

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