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It is blistering hot outside here in South Florida. Yesterday was especially awful because I was wearing something that I thought was cotton, but wasn’t. I would have bet money that it was cotton, but when I checked the tag after sweating in it all day and night, I realized why I was so hot – it was made of some mystery material I have never heard of! It looked like cotton to me, but it certainly does not breathe like cotton!

Today, I planned ahead and checked my tags! My Lilly Pulitzer top is 100% cotton and my jeans are 98% cotton! Even though I am wearing white jeans, I still felt cooler than when I was wearing the dress made of mystery material that I have never heard of!

Cooler in Cotton (6 of 11)

Cooler in Cotton (1 of 11) Cooler in Cotton (5 of 11) Cooler in Cotton (9 of 11) Cooler in Cotton (2 of 11)    

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I am starting to take my own advice that I use when shopping for my daughter and husband. When I shop for them, I think about the breathability and durability. When I shop for me, I usually only think about fashion. Now, that I am really delving into fabrics, I realized that there are tons of fashionable clothes out there made of cotton. I can be fashionable and comfortable at the same time!! Cotton goes well beyond just a t-shirt and jeans!!

You can easily shop the labels in stores and online. Every brand has the fabric makeup on the tag and on their websites.  You really can’t tell the fiber content anymore by touching since mystery fabrics are making their way into garments where you’d ordinarily expect cotton. My mystery fabric dress that I “knew” was cotton looked like a chambray. Don’t be deceived like I wFas!  Here are some shortcomings of mystery fabrics:

Pitting or Pilling




Stretch Out

Fall apart (not of good quality) or Itch

Dry Cleaning Required

Ingredients Matter

Cotton is the most breathable, scent repellent and durable washing fabric there is. Wearing cotton is all about looking good and feeling good, inside out. Cotton’s versatility allows you to be uncompromising in your expectations. Style shouldn’t have to come with trade-offs and comfort shouldn’t have to sacrifice style. Durability should mean more than a couple of wears! Since cotton is breathable and doesn’t retain odors, you can save a few trips to the laundry room between wears, saving you money, water and energy. Choosing cotton means living your life with the confidence that comes from looking good and feeling good.

#CoolerInCotton Video

While the summer brings a lot of joy and activities, there are also unpleasant traits and feelings that come with the hot, humid weather. Those traits can turn the things you love to do into uncomfortable experiences. This summer, Cotton is releasing a new music video that talks about those moments and how they can be avoided by simply wearing cotton. The music video takes an entertaining and witty approach to those unwanted sweat stains and odors that take over during the summer season. The video showcases how easily cotton eliminates all of those awkward feelings and situations, allowing you to be carefree and focus on the things you truly enjoy about the summertime.

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Cooler in Cotton Lilly Pulitzer Tunic Top and white jeans (1 of 1)-2 Cooler in Cotton Lilly Pulitzer Tunic Top and white jeans (1 of 1)-3 Cooler in Cotton Lilly Pulitzer Tunic Top and white jeans (1 of 1)  

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  1. Such a cute outfit! I love white jeans with pops of color in the top.

    Thank you so much for joining us at Thoughts of Home on Thursday. We are thrilled to have you. 🙂


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