Cream Blush vs. Powder Blush

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Both formulations are great! Your choice simply depends on the effect your trying to create, the season, weather or your skin type.

Creamy, emollient blushes are absolutely fabulous, especially for older or drier skin types! For these beauty queens, it’s all about moisturizing and hydrating (a topic that I will cover in another article). This type of blush is more about creating a dewy, luminescent finish, and especially great for use during colder, drier weather. I adore cream blush for it’s sheer layering property. You just start by dabbing a little on the apples of your cheeks, sweeping up across the cheekbones, then build layer upon layer until you reach your desired effect. You can accomplish this by using your fingertips, a cosmetic sponge, or a brush that I love by MAC cosmetics, #191. Cream blushes are also easily mixed for custom-blending your own color combinations! The back of your hand is perfect for this because cream blush warms up on this area for extreme ease of color blending. Now that’s nice!

Powder blushes are also amazing! They are best-suited for those with oilier skin types. Since these blushes are very dense, you can get creative with bolder looks using these formulations…excellent for vamping up the drama for a night out, especially during hotter temperatures! Just remember to apply this type of blush with a very light hand using your powder brushes. And, always tap the excess powder off your brush before applying to your face. The lighter the application, the more control your have over the layering while working towards achieving your desired effect! What’s more, is this type of blush can easily be applied to more than one area of the face, like across the forehead & chin, and even the brow bone.

For those who really can’t decide which to choose, or simply just can’t live without one or the other: no worries, you can use both! HA! I have applied cream color to the apples of my cheeks first, then layered with the powder on top…et voila!

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