Deadpool Review

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I admit that I was quite nervous going into Deadpool. I’ve always loved the “merc with the mouth.” His series along with his pairings with the perfect straight man Cable are some of my favorite comics ever. Yet going into the movie I was nervous because there is just so much that could be messed up.


For example, you could sew Deadpool’s mouth shut and give him powers he never had. I’m looking at you “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.” The marketing was also making me nervous, as typically films that are so heavily and creatively marketed tend to be duds.

April and I sat down in the theater, the lights dimmed and the movie started. All the anxiety I had about the film quickly melted away in place of laughter. All it took were the opening credits, which are both hilarious and self-deprecating to everyone involved in the film.

Deadpool is a gory, raunchy and hilarious. The main character, played by Ryan Reynolds, is a mercenary who just can’t help himself from talking. Constantly talking. He’s hilarious, but intentionally designed to be a little bit annoying at times, which is very true to the comic book iteration of the character.

The basic plot is that mercenary Wade Wilson gets dealt a tough hand of cancer and inadvertently signs a deal with a metaphorical devil, named Ajax to undergo an experimental treatment and rid himself of the disease. Things do not turn out the way that Wade expected and in his path for vengeance he takes on the moniker Deadpool. Well, that’s Mr. Pool to you.

Ryan Reynolds was born to play this role. His delivery makes the character work, and his love for the character makes the movie work. The treatment of the character in the Wolvering Origin story was nothing sort of atrocious, and Ryan’s efforts to make sure the fans came away from this film happy are apparent in every aspect of it.

Get a sitter, and go watch Deadpool. It’s rated R for a wide variety of crude humor and extreme violence. Good times!






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