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Hey everyone! It’s April with a follow up on DeliverLean, the food delivery service that I was asked to try out last week. Over the course of the week, I got to sample Standard, Paleo, and Vegetarian options from DeliverLean. Overall I have to say I was impressed with the service.


On my first day the food was delivered to our front door in a chilled bag. This is an important part of the DeliverLean system. The food is fresh, never frozen. The coolest it gets is in the refrigerated bag and then obviously, your refrigerator. Inside the bag were five meals per day, one for breakfast, two salads and two entrees. Five meals a day was perfect for me because I tend to prefer a “grazing” method of eating.



I packed the meals into an oversized Publix cooler bag and took them to work. Unfortunately I didn’t notice the little date on the plastic containers. I’m not sure how much it mattered however if a Friday breakfast is eaten on a Thursday and vice-versa.



The food was tasty! On my first day I had an Egg White Omelet for breakfast. The mix of eggs with oatmeal, fruit, and nuts on the side was thoroughly filling. For lunch I had a Moroccan Carrot and Chickpea salad. I have a soft spot for chickpeas so I found this to be very satisfying.  For dinner I had, a Turkey and Bean Chili with Carrots and Barley. They had me at Chili.




Overall, all the meals were delicious. Delicious and tiny! Something I had to keep in mind was that the meals were a much smaller portion size than what I was used to.  However by slowing my roll and drinking water between bites I found that they were no less satisfying than a regular full-fat dinner that I’d normally wolf down.



We at April Golightly would like to extend the following offer:

Our readers can get 2 Days Free with the purchase of a 1 month plan ($7.95 per meal, and three meals minimum per day.) This offer can be redeemed on

If you’re looking to trim up for the summer, and don’t mind NOT having to cook or do dishes, then what is there to lose? Other than a few pounds!

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