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This is a Fashionista Event Opportunity, and is hosted byStill Blonde after all these YEARS and Modly Chic.

As a mom on the go, I am constantly looking for outfits that can be used from desk to dinner. I want to be able to take a meeting, run to the park for some play time, and look sexy when the baby sitter (grandma or my sister) arrives so I can go to dinner with my husband. I realize that it is a lot to ask of an outfit, but this Monroe & Main get up was able to handle the operation with grace.


I started my look with this Monroe and Main Marilyn Peplum Dress and Red Pumps from the holiday catalog. This is the base of the Desk to Dinner look.

Monroe and Main -0077

For the desk look, I am wearing an animal print scarf and the padlock handbag in black. The Marilyn Peplum Dress is slightly low cut so the scarf is perfect for a conservative working environment. You could easily go to a meeting or even visit the in-laws in this look.

Monroe and Main Desk Look -9991 Monroe and Main Mixed Animal Scarf-0041 animal print scarf-00241-2

The dinner look has the same dress and pump base with a studded clutch that comes with a strap just in case. It is the perfect size clutch for real women as it actually has room for everything you might need at dinner. I fit a small makeup bag, a mini hair brush, my wallet, my huge cell phone, keys, and there was still space! At one point, I even stuffed the scarf into it.

Monroe and Main -0077 Black Studded Clutch-2 Monroe and Main Black Studded Clutch-0095

This red look is so versatile that I even took Christmas Photos wearing this outfit. You can see the entire photo session here.

Monroe and Main is so supportive of April Golightly and other bloggers that they gave us a Monroe and Main Holiday Accessories Prize Bundle  valued $104 to give away to my readers.

You can get awesome tip on dressing your best from desk to dinner and beyond on the Monroe and Main blog.


Monroe and Main Holiday Accessories Prize Bundle

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110 thoughts on “Desk to Dinner”

  1. I am in love with the metal mesh bag. I am always on the lookout for a great evening bag and the holidays are the best time to shimmer and shine. I also like the Flutter Jacket Dress.

  2. The page didn’t load right and i’m not seeing a holiday collection but I love the Sherpa hat. Would be warm and cute on a cold winter day.

  3. The link seems to be broken and I’m not quite sure what is included in the holiday collection, but I’m crazy about several pairs of those shoes! The Apron Ruffle Slingback looks especially perfect for a Christmas party 🙂

  4. The link is broken so I can’t find the Holiday collection, but I love the Snowflake Muk Luks because they are cute and look so cozy!

  5. The link wasn’t working but I like the Apron Ruffle Slingback shoes in red. Great holiday shoes

    Apron Ruffle Slingback by Monroe and Main

  6. I’m crazy about the Mini Ottoman Peplum dress, but the rest of the site is even better than the dresses. The Maven has a ridiculously adorable owl sweater.

  7. My favorite is the Riesa Dress. I like that it is flowing and not
    form fitting. I also think the silver could be worn for several
    occasions and not just the holidays.

  8. I really want the Lace Dress. Love that it takes the little black dress to a new level, with sexy and feminine lace! So pretty!

  9. I love the vinny smudge dot blouse! Love the color! Would be darling paired with jeans for a night out! I love it because it looks comfortable and fashionable!


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