Disney Family Movies – Free Preview Week

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Do you know about Disney Family Movies? It is the only video on demand subscription service offering the family entertainment of Disney movies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year long. As a Disney movie mega fan, I am jumping for joy. You can try the service for free this week during their Free Preview offer! From January 9 – 15, you can enjoy the ultimate family viewing experience, featuring the Disney Family Movies premieres of Pinocchio, Ratatouille, Cars, and Underdog along with other Disney classics like The Parent Trap, Freaky Friday, and Muppet Treasure Island.

Family Movie Night

We love to watch movies together as a family every week. My daughter has seen a lot of the Disney Movies, but definitely not all of them. Disney movies come up in conversation all the time and I realize that she hasn’t seen half of them. Most of them, I have not seen in years or at all. One of the movies available during the Free Preview Week is Ratatouille. I have never seen it! Time to remedy that! My daughter has not seen the first Cars movie or Pinocchio either! We have a lot of movies to watch over the upcoming long holiday weekend (MLK Day).! Who’s excited? This Mom!


How to Plan a Family Movie Night

  1. Schedule family movie night weekly.
  2. Tidy up the room you are watching the movie in. A clean room will help you relax.
  3. Choose a family-friendly movie. All content on Disney Family Movies is family friendly, and fun to let your kids make the selection!
  4. Put a craft together for after the movie so you can discuss the movie as a family. We have tons of coloring sheets for Disney Movies here.
  5. Pop Popcorn! I love serving popcorn in popcorn boxes. They make it feel like a real movie night.

Disney Family Movies

There are new films and movie extras added every week. At one low monthly price, you can get great entertainment and a real value from Disney. If you enjoy the Free Preview Week, it’s so easy to subscribe to Disney Family Movies, just contact your Cable or TV provider. Get more details: http://di.sn/6009DJzzF


Movies Available during the Free Preview Week

  • Ratatouille
  • Cars
  • Pinocchio
  • The Wild
  • Freaky Friday
  • Underdog
  • The Parent Trap (1961)
  • Swing Kids
  • Disney’s The Kid
  • Muppet Treasure Island
  • The Big Green
  • Sky High

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Comment below with what movie you’re most excited to see during the Free Preview Week.

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583 thoughts on “Disney Family Movies – Free Preview Week”

  1. I am so excited to see The Parent Trap! Such a great movie and a classic. Looking forward to preview week.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  2. So far we have watched the Ratatouille movie and my kids loved it. It was our first time watching the movie. My son will probably want to watch cars next.


  3. I’m MOST excited about The Parent Trap (1961)! This is the movie I watched growing up and I loved it. Can’t wait for my daughter to see it!

  4. I love the Ratatouille movie. Since I’m a chef a very popular restaurant in Northern California, I could relate to the movie.

  5. I can’t wait to see the original parent trap, I loved that movie as a young girl. Also I want to watch Ratatouille, believe it or not I have never seen it .

  6. I also have not watched Ratatouille and will be this weekend.
    We are watching as many movies as we can to prepare for our Disney World trip at the end of the month:-)

  7. I’m most excited to see Ratatouille. I’ve seen parts of it several times, but this time I’m going to sit down and watch the whole movie. I promise myself I will!

  8. I’m excited to see the Parent Trap! I love the remake, but I’ve never seen the first one! I’ve seen almost every Disney movie made, so now this is my opportunity to check another one off my list!

  9. Freaky Friday. I think my daughter will get a complete and utter kick out of it. She’ll be laughing all the way thru.

  10. One of my old time favorites 1964 the Original Mary Poppins! Would love to watch that wit my grandson’s! I sing “A spoon full of Sugan Makes the Medicine go Down” and I would love to show him….Nana didn’t make it up!

  11. Ratatouille Would be my pick to watch with my grandkids! Love that movie! Thanks for the chance to win and good luck Everyone!

  12. Excited for Parent Trap! It was the last movie I watched with my dad the night he unexpectedly passed away years ago, I can still hear his laugh when I watch it. Looking forward to sharing it with my kiddos!

  13. I would love to see Muppet Treasure Island, I love the muppets and brings back happy times when I was younger. I get to enjoy it and rest and have plain fun. I love Kermit and Miss Piggy.

  14. I love Ratatouille, can’t wait to see it with the kids! But once they go to bed, I’m totally watching Parent Trap lol. They don’t quite get into movies that aren’t animated, so this’ll be what I watch on my own.

  15. I can’t wait to watch Pinocchio with my daughter! I grew up watching Disney movies with my mother and grandmother so it’s a tradition I can’t wait to continue with my girls. Plus my daughter loves cats so I bet she’ll fall in love with Figaro! When you wish upon a star….

  16. The movie that I’m most excited to see during the Free Preview Week is The Parent Trap (1961). I really like the older Disney movies. I also would enjoy seeing Freaky Friday, Pinocchio, and Muppet Treasure Island. I wish they would air their older movies more often.

  17. I love them all .. but am most excited for Sky High!! My son and I love to watch that movie together. its great bonding time!

  18. Has to be “Ratatouille.” It’s so fun and shows my nephews that it doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from, your dreams can come true if you just believe in yourself. Reminded me of that too., (not to mention I love a good foodie story 😉 )

  19. I am excited to see the Parent Trap with my girls. They have only seen the updated version of it, but it does not beat the classic.

  20. I’m excited to see Sky High (again)! I fell asleep halfway through when I took my son to the movie when it originally came out because I had worked a double shift so I can’t wait to see the whole movie!

  21. Oh I am so excited to see The Wild! I love the Disney movies, but have not had a chance to see this one yet. Our family would love it, as do we love all the Disney movies! Their movies you can watch over and over and over again!

  22. Ah shucks missed it but will head to the library and get Ratatouille for a Friday night movie night.
    I love the idea of a craft. I have never thought of that.

  23. Cars. I haven’t seen it in a long time but I love that movie. I first watched it when my grandson was a little boy. We watched it about 8 times in a row.

  24. There is someone here for every movie on that list lol. My fav is Disney’s the Kid. My son would like Ratatouille Cars and Pinocchio. my nieces freaky friday and the parent trap 🙂

  25. Ratatouille is actually the movie that brought my mom and I closer together as a family. After it first came out we began to cook more and more often together and I actually made ratatouille for her 40th birthday. It was a magical expierence.

  26. I’m most excited to see Ratatouille!! At first I want sure about the movie when I first saw it, but it really grew on me and now I consider it a”new” classic!

  27. the Parent Trap! When I was a kid, I used to make my dad rent it every single weekend….you would have thought
    he would have just bought it!! lol

    As a naive kid with a limitless imagination I definitely used to HOPE & WISH I had an identical twin that I would run into one day! Lol. (Possibly somewhat BELIEVED it)😄

  29. I’m excited to watch Pinocchio again. I could watch it over and over again – love the part when he is turned into a real boy.

  30. Oh, I love the original Parent Trap! I’m most excited to see that one for sure. I watched it all the time growing up. Of course, watching it now we can see all the “special effects” they used and we just laugh. The scene in the pool!

  31. I am looking forward to watching The Parent Trap with my daughters. They don’t believe that there is a movie that predates the Lindsay Lohan version. I can’t wait for the to tell me how much they like it (or not,) and they will also tell me how old I am if I know about this movie:)

  32. There are so many amazing classics, I am excited about The Parent Trap! My 10 yeAR old seems to think it is amazing being a grown-up because I get to have all the fun doing whatever I want! This would be a great movie for her to watch! lol Thank you for this awesome giveaway! =)