DIY Gift Ideas

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DIY gift ideas

The festive mood can be seen all around and everyone is busy wondering about the best gift they can get for their loved ones. Hand-made gifts are unique and always receive appreciation as it shows your efforts and love for the person who receives the gift. Gift made by self are often less costly and you can find several discount offers on that makes things more exciting. With so little time left, let’s take a quick look at some great DIY gift ideas that will rock.

Home-made lip balm

It takes very little time and your loved ones will love to use this homemade lip balm throughout the year. You can customize the recipe of lip-balm by using different essential oils (such as grapefruit, peppermint, lemon, lime, or tangerine) as per individual’s preference. You can buy good quality essentials oils from at discounted price. Visit and activate the discount coupon to save money on your purchases.


Photo c/o Lindz Graham


  • Unbleached beeswax grated – 3 teaspoons
  • Carrier oil (jojoba, castor, sunflower) – 5 teaspoons
  • Essential oil (as per your preference) 6-7 drops
  • Honey (for flavor) – 1 teaspoon


  • Melt the beeswax with carrier oil by placing both ingredients in the top section of the double boiler. Stir continuously for even mixture.
  • Remove from heat and add essential oil and honey. Mix thoroughly to avoid formation of honey lumps.
  • Pour the mixture in a lip balm container.

Home-made Vanilla bath scrub

Bath scrubs are popular skin products. Natural bath scrub invigorates the beauty of the skin by scrubbing off the dead cells. You can easily make one at home. All you need to do is visit and purchase the ingredients listed below.


Photo c/o Jen Abbott


  • 1 cup fine brown sugar
  • 1/3 cup sweet almond oil or any other carrier oil
  • 1 tsp vanilla essence or 20 drops of vanilla essential oil

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In a ceramic bowl or glass bowl, pour the essential oil and add sugar to it while stirring continuously. Add almond oil to the mixture while stirring continuously. Stop stirring when the mixture reaches the consistency of moist sand. You can try different combinations by using different essential oils.

Button Star Christmas card

A gift card always adds a smile to the person who receives it. The smile on the person is much bigger if it is a personalized card. Today many websites allow you to make personalized cards with few clicks. If you are not happy with the online idea, you can always get material needed for greeting card from and get started.

Material required

  • One square of deep blue or black card – approx 12cm square
  • One piece of gold card folded in half
  • 30 buttons of mixed sizes but similar colors
  • Pencil
  • Strong glue


Draw a five point simple star on black/blue card. Place the black/blue card on the center of gold card and apply glue to stick the blue/black card to its place. Place a big button in the middle of the star. Place other buttons on the designs and fiddle around with the placement of buttons to see how they look. After lit bit of experimentation, glue back of the buttons and fix them in a position where they look best. Let the glue dry.

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