Burberry Inspired Beaded Sandals DIY

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Burberry spring 2012 runway aprilgolightly do it yourself AG

Burberry set the trend for sandals this spring season with these amazing beaded sandals.

aprilgolightly do it yourself


  1. Black Sandals
  2. 4 Different Color Beads that are the same size & shape (I used black, blue, green and yellow.)
  3. Black Colored Copper Wire (I used 24 gauge.)
  4. Large Needle (I purchased the needle from the Crochet Section of A.C. Moore)
  5. Jewelry pliers that can cut and bend copper wire, or 2 pairs of regular pliers: one that can cut and one that can bend.
  6. Rubber cement.
  7. …love Maegan Houndstooth Shoes DIY tutorial to cover the heel with fabric.

Do it yourself style fashion beads burberry april golightly

april golightly Do it yourself tools AG burberry

beads do it yourself burberry runway 2012 spring rtw

Step 1

Thread the crochet needle using black copper wire.  Only overlap the 2 sides about an inch and squeeze the copper “thread” so that it is as thin as the needle.  Use the needle to punch the strap of the shoe.  You might need to pull the needle through rather than just pushing like with normal thread.

Do it yourself style fashion beads tread burberry april golightly

april golightly do it yourself AG style fashion 2012

aprilgolightly D.I.Y. beads runway spring

Step 2

Add beads to the copper “thread.”  Keep track of the number of bead you are adding so you can determine how many of the next color you want to add and also so that the other shoe will match.

april golightly fashion shoe do it yourself

Step 3

Thread the needle with the other side of the copper wire, allowing the wire to overlap about an inch. Make sure that the wire is crushed to be as thin as the needle. This can be done with your fingers as the cooper wire is pliable. Puncture the other side of the strap and pull the wire through.

Burberry spring 2012 runway april golightly

Step 4

Repeat steps 1 through 3 with the remaining colored beads. I varirf the amount of  beads between 6 and 8 beads for each layer.

Do it yourself style fashion burberry april golightly

Step 5

Once all the bead strands have been hooked to the straps, use the bending pliers to twist the copper wire “threads” together. Once the wire are twisted together to the root, clip off excess leaving 1/2 inch of wire on the inside of the straps.

Step 6

Use rubber cement to coat the wire so that it will not poke into your foot.

april golightly do it yourself AG style fashion 2012 spring

Step 7

Using …love Maegan brilliant Houndstooth Shoes DIY, I covered the heal  and platform with matching turquoise fabric.  Note that the houndstooth printed fabric used by Maegan was more forgiving than the solid color fabric that I used.  If you use a solid color fabric, be sparing with your use of the mod podge.  Too much mod podge will cause it to bleed through and doesn’t look very pretty.



Do it yourself style fashion beads burberry aprilgolightly

Send me picture of your take on this trend.


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