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Decorate your home or office with this adorable DIY LOVE banner and garland. Fun and easy to make!


Tools & Supplies

2 thick pieces of plain colored paper
2 pieces of Valentine’s designed paper
Yarn or ribbon (about 4 to 5 feet)
Hole puncher


Step 1: Cut all four pieces of paper in four equal parts. This is not absolutely necessary but it makes it so much easier to measure everything out and make it look nice and even!

Step 2: Take one set of the plain colored paper and set aside. Next, take one set of the designed paper and cut about half an inch from the top and half an inch from one side. Glue the designed paper on top of the plain paper as shown in the picture.


Step 3: Using the designed paper, cut out the word LOVE. Hold the letters up to the rectangular pieces to make sure they fit nicely.


Step 4: Glue the letters onto the other plain colored paper you have. Press down and let dry. Then cut the paper as to create an outline of the letter.

Step 5: Glue the letters onto the rectangular pieces, press down a few times and let dry.
Step 6: Using the hole puncher, make a hole on the top right and top left of each piece. Then place your yarn or ribbon through the holes. I added two little bows on either side for some extra flare.

Step 7: Spread the love! Happy Valentine’s Day! ?

love banner

Sharing is caring!

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