DIY Noodle Massager

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My husband and I took a Lamaze class recently and the instructor had a noodle massager that felt amazing on my back. She taught us how to DIY Noodle Massager. It is a great way to relieve pressure on your back during labor for almost no money. It is used like a rolling pin on your back and can give relief to your support person. Labor can be a very long process exhausting the mother and the support person.

do-it-yourself-noodle-massager, DIY Noodle Massager

:: DIY Noodle Massager Ingredients ::

Pool Noodle from the Dollar Store

Bread Knife


Step 1

Buy a noodle from the dollar store.

Step 2

Use a serrated bread knife to cut the noodle to about 10 to 12 inches long depending on the size of your back.

Step 3

If you want to upgrade your noodle massager, you can pick up a dollar store broom to make handles for the DIY noodle massager. The broom stick should be able to fit through the noodle hole. Cut the broom stick to make handles on either side to fit the hand size of your support person. Might be worth measuring the support person’s hands for extra comfort.



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