DIY Radiant Orchid Flower Necklace

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DIY Radiant Orchid Flower Necklace


I love how a statement necklace  earrings can instantly pull a basic outfit together. Throw it on with skinny jeans and a black top and you instantly have a complete look.

Even better, you can make a flower necklace your own by adding your favorite color to the petals. Why limit yourself to the necklaces available the market? I started with a daisy necklace from Forever 21.  I have been wearing mine for month, but I finally am sitting down to write out how to create this awesome piece. For the ways I have worn it, see the posts here and here.

What you need

Valspar Radiant Orchid Interior Satin Paint Sample
Light Yellow Acrylic Paint
Small Paint Brush
Forever 21 Flower Necklace to Paint
Tack Cloth
Acrylic glossy spray
Masking Tape
Grocery Bag


1. Sand the pendant with sand paper. Get in the grooves as best you can.
2. Use tack cloth to get the dust off the necklace.
3. Tape off the are of the necklace that you do not want to paint. I put the necklace part in a bag.
4. Paint the leaves of the flowers using radiant orchid.
5. Since my painting was not precise, I had to repaint the center part of the flower in yellow. You do not have to paint it yellow, I was considering painting it white for fun instead. It’s up to you.
6.  After the paint dries overnight, spray the acrylic gloss on the painted areas. Allow to dry overnight before wearing removing the tape or wearing the jewelry.

The jewelry piece that I used is sold out right now so I found a few pieces that are similar to the one I used and under $20.

What do you think of the DIY? What color are you going to make your flowers?
Feel free to add links of pieces you made using this post as inspiration.

Sharing is caring!

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  1. What a great idea – I love the concept and being able to personaize or re-cycle your old jewelry by painting it!


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