Do It Yourself Silver Jeans

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Metallic jeans are being sold for hundred of dollars in boutiques and online. I thought that I could get the look for next to nothing by doing it myself. I got the idea a few years ago from The Dandy Project. He made a pair of gold shorts, and his post helped me with this DIY project.


Items Needed to Complete Do It Yourself Silver Jeans

1. Jeans

2. Two Jars of Jacquard Lumiere Fabric Paint 2 Oz. Jar: Metallic Silver

3. Paint Brush

4. Garbage Bag 0r something to cover your work space

5. Paper Plate to use as a palate and paint brush rest

6, Scissors

7. Iron

8. Paper Towel to use as ironing board

9. Needle and Tread


Step 1

Gather most of the needed items from around the house. Find a pair of jeans that you don’t mind painting. I found these dark jeans at Marshall’s on the clearance rack for $15.00. I found the best price on Amazon for the fabric paint, Jacquard Lumiere Fabric Paint 2 Oz. Jar: Metallic Silver.



Step 2

Paint the denim. I did not paint in any particular pattern, but I did leave the seams for last.  I put less paint on them to let the denim show through in those areas giving the jeans a distressed look. I chose not to paint the waist band as I plan on making them into maternity jeans in the future so that I can wear them this year.




Step 3

Let the front of the jeans dry for at least an hour and then flip over to paint the back. The front will not be completely dry which is why you need the garbage bags to cover your work space.




Step 4

If the jeans are too long, feel free to cut off the bottom of the jeans so that you can roll them up. I put on the jeans before I cut them off to figure out where I wanted to make  the cut. I left an extra inch on the bottom, so I could make a cuff.


Step 5

Roll up the cuff. Fold over only twice. Use a few paper towels and roll them up so you can protect your table from the iron.



Step 6

Use the iron to make the cuff using highest dry, non-steam setting. I chose #3 on my iron.



Step 7

Sew the cuff together on the seams to keep them in place. You do not need much thread. I used a sewing kit that I got from a hotel.


Step 8

Once you have sewn and ironed the cuff, paint the cuff with the silver fabric paint.



I would let the jeans dry for a least a day and make sure to air out the house. I put the fans on and opened all the windows for a few hours during and after the project was complete. I decided to wear the jeans with my neon jacket from H&M made by one of the Fashion Stars (last worn here). For more ways to wear this, check out my DIY Inspiration Polyvore.



Feel free to ask questions about the execution of the Do It Yourself Silver Jeans. Also, I would love to see pictures of any project that you have done that are similar. Happy DIY-ing!


April Golightly

Sharing is caring!

9 thoughts on “Do It Yourself Silver Jeans”

  1. Hi good job! Try the super sparkle too- i actually prefer that or maybe mixing the metallic silver and super sparkle

  2. Hi! Love this tutorial. How does the paint hold up after washing? Do you notice fading of the metallic or transfer onto other clothes/bags with wear as well?


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