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We love the cruelty free cosmetics from Doll 10 makeup. They make great lipstick, concealer, & palettes that you can use to create an everyday look.


Doll 10 Makeup review

My friend works for Doll 10 and she asked if she could send me some Doll 10 Makeup. After reading about the company and its cruelty free mission, I happily agreed to accept the product. I did not agree to do any write up about the products, but after using them for the past few weeks, I had to share my love for this makeup with you.

Doll 10 Makeup 

I am not a super makeup girl who can do all the fancy makeup that you see on Instagram or Youtube. Instead, I go for easy makeup that helps enhance my natural look and hide my blemishes and skin discolorations. Doll 10s mission is to help women get dolled up in 10 minutes or less. 

Doll 10 makeup

Hydralux Concealer 

On the Doll 10 makeup website, they call the Hydralux Concealer , “A cup of coffee for your under eyes.” I totally agree. It woke up my face immediately and gave me great coverage the skin discolored under my eyes. 

I recently found out that I have a skin discoloration under my eyes that is beyond the bags and was either skin damage from the sun or a hormonal change. Gotta love getting older and finding all these new things on your face. 

The HydraLux Concealer is a 3-in-1 product that brightens, offers buildable coverage, and visibly smoothes the appearance of fine lines and texture under the eyes with the Smooth Assist™ complex. T

It has Vitamin E and Aloe Vera combined with Passion Flower Extract to give a potent dose of free radical fighting antioxidants to treat skin while it covers. It is helping to brighten and lighten my under eyes while concealing them! Woo HOO! 


hydralux concealer

Contouring Palette 

The Doll 10 completion enhancing palette is a contour palette that has subtle colors that I LOVE! The colors are subtle and you really cannot over do it even if you have a heavy hand like me.

I sometimes end up overdoing it with the blush and contour because the colors are far too pigmented. Here they were just right and made for a perfect look for everyday. 

Doll 10 Palette

Rose Brilliant Face and Eye Palette

This awesome palette comes with both eye and face product. It is inspired by the divine feminine goddess energy and ultra-complimentary rose tones, this luxurious face and eye palette is designed to bring focus to your features while providing an effortless application, impeccable wear time and skin-smoothing ingredients.


Eye Brow Pencil 

This ultra-fine & creamy brow pencil is super easy to use and helps me color in my brow a little bit to make them more even. The pencil is small and helps you draw incredibly natural hair-like strokes. 

Eyebrow Makeup 

Primer and Setting Mist 

The Doll 10 makeup setting mist hydrates and primes skin, sets makeup, and refreshes skin throughout the day, giving your skin a healthy glow! It is made from 25% cold-pressed coconut water, witch hazel extract, copper tri-peptides, hyaluronic acid, and 3 lightweight botanical extracts.

It is great for all skin types! Alcohol-Free, Paraben-Free, Silicone-Free, Sulfate-Free, Phthalate-Free, Cruelty-Free.

Setting Mist from Doll 10

Doll 10 Lipstick 

The Pro Nude lipstick is ultra-hydrating and comes with lipstick and gloss combo that helps your lips look fantastic.

They are formulated with beneficial ingredients Sweet Almond and Jojoba Oils to nourish and soften your lips and DuraQuench IQ for anti-aging and anti-radical protection.  

doll 10 lipstick

Doll 10 makeup is available at Sephora and if you are looking for a deal on the products, check out QVC and HSN. Get an extra $10 off with the code WELCOME on QVC. 

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