Dolphin Outlet Mall

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Dolphin Outlet Mall

Dolphin Mall Loves Mommies and they made that very clear when they hosted several local mom blogger and loved on us and our kiddies to no end. Seriously! It’s not over yet! My hubby and I have a night out planned at The Cine Bistro and pre-game at Dave & Busters. My hubby is beyond excited…games and movies.

Dolphin Mall Loves Mommies_-17

We started the day with Starbucks yummy drinks for both me and the munchkin. She had a milk and I had a Caramel Frap.

Dolphin Mall Loves Mommies_ Dolphin Mall Loves Mommies_-2 Dolphin Mall Loves Mommies_-3 Dolphin Mall Loves Mommies_-4

Then, there were crafts and snack set up at Bloomingdales Outlet so the kiddies would be occupied while we shopped. I found a pair of sunglasses from Tory Burch that I have been eyeing for the last years. In fact, the sunglasses are still full price on ToryBurch.com. Score!! Then, I grabbed a Michael Kors button down that I can wear now and into fall.

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After the shopping, we met up at Cool De Sac playground and restaurant. This place is awesome because you can play with the kiddies and eat. Every playground should have a restaurant. 

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We took a tour of CineBistro where you can eat real food during the movie while you lounge in giant chairs. My kinda movie experience! Next, we went to Dave & Busters where the parents with the older children had a blast. My munchkin was done for the day, but I will definitely be back for a date night with my hubby. He loves Dave & Busters. Our next date at CineBistro and Dave & Buster is going to be awesome!

Dolphin Mall Loves Mommies_-16 Dolphin Mall Loves Mommies_-15

Check out my cute outfit that I bought at Dolphin Mall. I bought the shirt and Sunglasses from Bloomingdales.

Dolphin Mall at Bloomingdales_

Today, I got together with the other bloggers that were at the Dolphin Mall Loves Mommies Event to giveaway $250 AMEx Gift Car to Taubman Malls.  There are properties to use the gift card all over the US and Asia. Here they are: http://www.taubman.com/taubman-properties/

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51 thoughts on “Dolphin Outlet Mall”

  1. The movie seats look so awesome, I could fall asleep in them! I love Twelve Oaks Mall here in Novi, Michigan. Especially the Victoria’s Secret PINK store.

  2. I’ve never heard of CineBistro before, but I like the idea. You can eat great quality food while watching a movie. And the craft set-up at Bloomingdales is awesome!

  3. It looks like you had a great time, and are getting your little one ready for shopping at an early age. I like the glasees!

  4. It looks like quite an adventure! My son and I love to go on “where the wind takes us” days and this looks like a day we would love!

  5. It seems like a very fun adventure indeed. I am most certainly in need of an adventure like that myself, especially one that involves shopping.

  6. I haven’t been to the Taubman mall closest to me (Palm Desert) but will have to head over there as soon as the weather cools a bit.

  7. Looks like you had an awesome time! One of my best friends lives in Florida.. I wonder if this is by her. The cinebistro sounds really cool.

  8. Oh wow, I just love the pictures and this post that you’ve shared with your readers. I’ve never been, but I’ve heard great things about the Dolphin Mall, can’t wait to experience it myself with my hubby and kids too.

  9. She is so cute! That cool de sac looks awesome, way better than the kids area here. I’ve never been to this mall but it looks awesome. And that pink purse is to die for!

  10. Oooh, I need a CineBistro near me! I looked up to see where my closest Taubman mall was and didn’t realize one that I go to often is! Very cool!

  11. I am so glad you had an enjoyable day shopping!! I love your sunnies and top. I have not thought about a play area for the children in the restaurant. That’s a wonderful idea and am so glad y’all have a good experience.

  12. Super cute sunglasses! I had never heard of the Cool de sac or cinebistro before reading this article! So thank you for making me incredibly jealous because there arent any in my area 🙁 I love the cinebistro idea of eating dinner while watching a movie, so awesome! Hopefully we get one near me soon

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