DreamWorks Trolls Party Edition – Princess Poppy Inspired DIY Headbands

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I am a member of Fox Home Entertainment Insiders. They send us products, and if we like them, we write about them. My daughter is in love with Trolls, and now that I have seen it, I am too.  #TrollsFHEInsiders
My daughter went to see Trolls twice in the theater, once with her Nana and Aunt and then again with her Grandpa and Grandma. My husband and I took this time to see adult movies for a change. Who knew that we were missing out on such a great film. DreamWorks Trolls is such an exciting and fun filled movie. Did I mention the music? It is fantastic! You can kick up the party and the fun by playing the Party Edition in party mode. You can sing with the characters and get involved with the fun by hitting the colored button on your remote when prompted. How cool is that?
I finally watched Trolls this weekend and ended up watching it three times with glee.  Now, I totally get the love for Princess Poppy. Silly me thinking it was about the pink hair! I have put together a ‘Princess Poppy inspired Headband’ that your kids can totally wear again. It is something that will look fabulous with a spring dress – no pink hair required. Also, keep scrolling down for the Trolls Party Plan.
 trolls-party-plan trolls-headband-diy

Princess Poppy Inspired DIY Headbands


Tools and Supplies 
Measure the ribbon against the plain white headbands and cut the ribbon so that you can fold it over the corners of the headband.
trolls-party-31-of-34Heat up a hot glue gun to glue the green ribbon on the top of the headband. You want to use a small amount of glue and press the ribbon into the headband.
Glue the ribbon around the ends of the headband. This makes it more comfortable to wear.
Next, find the center of the headband and glue to pink wood butterfly to the top. If it is not pink already, you can paint it and wait for it to dry. I found my pink butterfly at Michael’s.
Pull 4 blue flowers off the bouquet and cut off the majority of the plastic tube. You leave just enough so that the flower stays together.
Use the hot glue gun to glue to flower to the headband so that they face foward, not up. You might want to mark off the spots with a pencil while you are wearing the headband so you get a nice even spacing. Also, you don’t want the flowers too close to your ears. We are aiming for a comfortable headband that you can wear all day.

Coloring Sheets Printables

Party Plan Items

Fun Sign – (Hug, Love, Party, or Fun)
Pink Cupcakes
Poppy Pencil Topper
Pink Smoothie Drink
Pink Pasta
Troll Coloring Sheet Printables

trolls-party-29-of-34 trolls-party-28-of-34 trolls-party-26-of-34 trolls-party-25-of-34 trolls-party-24-of-34 trolls-party-23-of-34 trolls-party-22-of-34
Goodie Bag Ideas

Coloring Sheets

Party Activities

Watch the DreamWorks Trolls Party Edition
Dance and Sing during the DreamWorks Trolls Party Edition
Craft your own felt poppy headbands and make over your hair with this Trolls Hair Accesory Kit.
Color Trolls Coloring Sheets
Make a Party Scrap Book with the Crayola Trolls Scrapbook Kit.
Design Trolls Jewelry with this Charm Bracelet Kit.

Coloring Sheets Free Printables

trolls_activitysheet_coloringpage2 trolls_activitysheet_coloringpage4 trolls_activitysheet_coloringpage10
The Trolls Party Edition comes out February 7. Get yours here.
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Don’t miss you a chance to win a copy of the DreamWorks Trolls Blu-Ray/DVD Party Edition and enter to win by RT this tweet.

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DreamWorks Trolls Party Edition - Princess Poppy Inspired DIY Headbands with Party Plan and recipes


DreamWorks Trolls Party Edition - Princess Poppy Inspired DIY Headbands with Party Plan and recipes  
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