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Dress for Success is a national organization that helps provide work clothes for women and professional guidance to help break the cycle of poverty in the community.

I recently went to the Dress for Success – Shop for Success event where we get to shop some of the items donated to Dress for Success to serve as a fundraiser for Dress for Success.

Here are some the items that I scored at the Dress for Success Shopping event.

Shop for Success – Dress for Success Palm Beaches

I worked with Dress for Success Palm Beaches on their recent Shop for Success Pop Up Shop that happens every fall.

It is a way for women in the community to shop some of the items donated to Dress for Success. It is a really nice way to fund the empowerment programs.

Donate Work Clothes for Women

The Dress for Success Suiting program prepares women with what they need to launch or reignite their careers—from clothing to confidence!

Interested in donating your gently used clothing? Please view their clothing donation page HERE to learn more. You can donate professional clothing and accessories by appointment.

I know that after I changed careers and had weight fluctuations that I donated all of my work clothes to Good Will. Now, I will definitely be donating them to dress for success as well.

Empowerment Program

The Dress for Success empowerment programs are led by professional facilitators whose primary objective is to help women succeed. The next program will begin October 10th – registration is open now. Click HERE to register. 

Professional Women’s Group

Their Professional Women’s Group (PWG) supports graduates of Dress for Success job readiness and suiting programs with ongoing career development and employment retention.

Sharing is caring!

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