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This week Harrison Ford and I had a nice day home together. We worked on some blog posts and put some outfits together. I wore my new Royal Elegance Ring from Diamonius.com with one of my outfits. The ring is such a stunner and could be worn as cocktail ring, but personally I am the type to wear it everyday.



The synthetic diamond ring is easy to wear everyday, as you don’t have to be concerned that you might lose a real diamond ring. Diamonius has added on a 5th C to the 4 Cs.The 5th and most important “C” is conflict-free. Diamonius simulated diamonds are conflict-free and eco-friendly. To show their commitment to fighting the destruction that diamond mining does to our planet, they donate about $3.75 from every item sold to orphans in Sierra-Leone a nation whose population has been greatly abused by armed conflict and indebted slavery due to diamonds exported to first world countries. Diamonius believes that every woman should have the opportunity to own extraordinary jewelry that is conflict-free, and has no negative environmental, economic or humanitarian effects. Diamonius’ philosophy is to provide all women with their dream jewelry at an affordable price without compromising luxury or elegance. They enable fashionistas to wear $150-200 rings that look visually identical to $2000-$8000 rings.




I love the sapphire and diamond mix that is so hot in wedding rings these days. The Duchess of Cambridge made the sapphire and diamond wedding ring trend an even bigger hit than it already was.  I was given this ring by Diamonius as a gift, but I got to choose the ring that I wanted for all the awesome ones on their website. I chose this royal replica so that I could tell my readers about the nickname my sister gave me after I found that I was pregnant. She started calling me the Duchess of Pompano since we are due around the same time. I prefer that to a Kim Kardashian reference so I have been allowing it. Now that we are probably going to be moving to Boca Raton, I hope that I get up graded to the Duchess of Boca.




I received the pieces discussed for review purposes only.  All writings, opinions and photos are my own.

I posted some of my fave Diamonius jewelry to my Jewelry Pinterest Board.

Which on is your favorite?

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15 thoughts on “Duchess Ring”

  1. I’ve been in love with that ring since Princess Dianna wore it in the 1980s! It’s so pretty. I would be far more likely to spend my money on a beautiful ‘fake’ ring over thousands on a ‘real’ ring.

  2. It is so funny to me that this ring has resurged in popularity again since Kate started wearing it …. I can remember (as a VERY young child) when Princess Diana wore it as her engagement/wedding ring. They made replicas then too.


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