Easy Gift Wrapping Tutorial

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I have been wearing Anne Klein watches for years! I have about 10 in my jewelry box right now. Ann Klein makes it easy to have serval watches that match your outfit. Now, they stepped it up a notch by helping me put together an gorgeous well curated arm party all in one box.

The arm party in a box comes in all differently tones: rose, silver, gold, and mixed metals. This is the perfect gift for loved ones. I think they would be great gifts for my sister in law and mother in law. They are classic and look great from work to evening.
Rose Gold Watch
You also don’t have to worry about getting the watches sized. They come with extra clamps that allow you to size them yourself without the need for a jeweler.
The Anne Klein packaging is beautiful and easily gifted. The packaging makes a big impact with its wow-factor. Of course, the wrapping is an important part of the gift and adds to the wow-factor. I love getting gifts beautifully packaged. Anyone can order something online and send a box filled with packing corn, but you can make a special gift by wrapping it with love and care.
Wrapping tutorial
Start with wrapping paper in a basic print that is quality weight. I find that light weight wrapping paper rips easily and does not wrap as nicely as weighty wrapping paper. I chose gold oversized print in a weighty paper.
wrapping presents
Next, I picked out some nice shiny ribbon and small ornaments that have gold and white accents like this wood painted star.
To tie a ribbon around the present the way I did here, start with the ribbon across the bottom the present. Now, flip the present over and cross the two pieces. Slide the ornament on the ribbon. Flip the present over to secure the ribbon with tape.
Instead of adding a gift tag, I put a small card under the ribbon crossing. I feel that is more personal and stylish that way.

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 Easy Gift Wrapping Tutorial

Anne Klein Gift Set + Easy Gift Wrapping Tutorial for a jewelry gift or other small items - shiny ribbon & this wood craft painted star

Now that I have shared my gifting plans, which Anne Klein are you most drawn to?

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