How To Enjoy Urban Living More 

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When you decide where it is you want to live, there will be many choices to make, and the location has to be the most important of all to get right.

After all, if you make a mistake with where you’re living, it won’t matter how great the house is – you’ll still be unhappy. However, if you get the location right, even a house that needs some work or isn’t quite big enough, for example, can work out well because you’ll like where you live. 

Although the exact location is important, the first decision you’ll need to make is whether you want to live in an urban area or a rural one. Everyone will have different ideas on what’s best here, and each type of place has its advantages (and disadvantages).

However, if you’re struggling to decide where to go, why not keep reading to find out more about how to enjoy urban living as much as possible – with that knowledge, the decision might be an easier one. 

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Explore Your City 

One of the best ways to enjoy urban living as much as you possibly can is to really explore your city and get to know it as much as possible. You might think that every city is exactly the same, and from the outside that is how it will often look, but once you start to get deeper into it, you’ll find every city is actually unique, and yours will have some special things about it that nowhere else can lay claim to. 

Start by visiting your local landmarks because they are sure to be unique and very special. Make a list of all the historical sites, museums, parks, and any other tourist attractions that might be around, and then go and see them. The fact is that visiting these places can give you a much deeper understanding and appreciation for the city you’re living in (or thinking about living in), so it’s worthwhile – plus, it’s sure to be an interesting few days. 

It’s also a good idea to try new restaurants. Urban areas are often known for having plenty of places to eat, and those places will usually be quite diverse, so you’ll be able to find a variety of different cuisines to try. Do some research first and work out which places you want to try, and then challenge yourself to do exactly that – over a set amount of time, of course, because trying them all in a few days would be expensive and potentially unhealthy! 

And then take a look at any festivals or special events that might be taking place in the city and surrounding areas. You’ll find all sorts, from music to food to art to sports, and lots more too, and by attending these events, you’ll get a real feel for what the place is like and how the community comes together, making it a better place to live. 

Create A Comfortable Home 

Something else that’s going to help you enjoy urban living more is if you can make your home as comfortable as possible – remember, a city is a busy, bustling place, and if your home is comfortable and relaxing, it’s going to be the ideal sanctuary to come home to after you’ve been out enjoying the urban area you live in. If the place isn’t relaxing, you’ll never feel quite at peace, and that’s not going to make you feel good or happy. 

One thing that’s important is to declutter regularly – the fact is that urban living often means the space you’ve got is quite small compared to what you might have in a more rural area, and keeping it tidy without too much stuff all over the place is sure to be better for you. It’s also a good idea to have some indoor plants in your home because they’ll make the place look more welcoming and comfortable, and they’ll also help with your indoor air quality, which isn’t always the best when you’re living in a city – cities are more polluted than a lot of other places, especially those out in the countryside. 

If you really want your home to be a true sanctuary away from the busy city, you’ll need to personalize it – decorate your home exactly how you want to (neutral colors are best for peace and calm, but you’ll need to make your own choice in the end) and make sure you’ve got your personal possessions around you (although not too many; after all, keep the place clutter-free is important, as we’ve said). In that way, your home will be somewhere you’re happy to go back to and unwind in. 

Use The Public Spaces

If you only ever go from your home to the grocery store and/or your office and then back again, with the occasional trip to a restaurant once in a while, you’re not going to be making the most of where you live, and you might not find the true happiness you’re looking for in your specific urban area.

That’s why it’s important to use the other public spaces in your area when you can, as you’ll come to enjoy them and love where you’re living because you’ll see it’s got everything you need – of course, that’s a generalization, as we don’t know precisely where you’re moving to or where you live right now, but cities are designed for people, so it’s highly likely wherever you are has a lot for you to make use of. 

Look for parks and green spaces, for example, and take advantage of them when you want to do some exercise like jogging or cycling, or if you just want to relax or have your lunch or dinner outside, for example. There should also be libraries and maybe a community center, and these places are free to go into and make the most of – sometimes they’ll also have extra activities and events taking place there, and although there might be a cost involved for those, its often only a small one. 

Stay Safe

If there’s anything that’s going to ruin the urban living experience for you, it’s not feeling or actually being safe. Although everywhere has potentially dangerous places and elements within it, the number of people and vehicles in a city means there’s more to be concerned about, and if you want to enjoy urban living more, knowing how to stay safe makes a lot of sense.

It’s something you’ll need to understand before you start living in a city, ideally, but if not, then start learning as soon as you get there – you’ll want to prevent anything upsetting happening that will make you want to leave before you’ve started to make the most of living there. 

Staying alert no matter where you are or what you’re doing is vital if you want to stay safe in an urban area – there might be a lot going on around you, and it’s easy to get distracted (that’s what pickpockets and other dangerous people are counting on), but if you can stay alert and ensure you know where your belongings are at all times, that’s definitely going to help.

Investing in great STAUD crossbody bags is a good way to be able to do that, as the bag will be across you all the time, making it much more secure – it’s the ideal bag for an urban environment. 

It’s also good to trust your instincts, and don’t worry about coming across as rude. Far too often people are taken advantage of because they didn’t want to seem impolite, but if your instincts are telling you you’re in a bad situation, be as impolite as you want if it means getting out of that situation and being safe. Yes, you might make a mistake, but it’s far better to be safe than sorry. 

Plus, know your routes. If you can familiarize yourself with the regular routes you need to take, you’ll be able to get to places more quickly, and you won’t have to use your phone for directions, ensuring you can keep it safe. However, sometimes routes have to change because they’re blocked for some reason, for example, so knowing some alternative routes is also a good idea, just in case.

You’ll need to look as though you know where you’re going so that no one thinks they can trick you into going somewhere else or lowering your guard because you think they’re helping you. It’s not a pleasant thought, but understanding the dangers means you can usually avoid them, and that’s going to make living in an urban area much more enjoyable. 

Urban living isn’t going to be for everyone, and some people would always much rather live in a rural area, but if you’re someone who likes the idea of living in a city (big or small) and enjoying everything it has to offer, knowing how to enjoy those things and make the most of where you live is so important. 

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