Enjoying Romantic Meals Without Digestive issues

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Me+My™.

Now is the time to start taking care of those pesky digestive issues once and for all so you can stop worrying about what you can’t eat and focus on your living your life to the fullest! Which is why I’m excited to share my experience with Me+My™ Digest Results™.

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Nearly one in three people in the U.S. experience some kind of digestive problem and I’m one of them. I’m constantly dealing with heartburn, bloating, and dare I say, gas. Digestive problems are pretty awful, because they can ruin a nice night out with my husband. We rarely get to go out to a fancy restaurant to enjoy each other’s company, and then when we do, our romantic meal will upset my stomach and ruin the whole night. It’s the worst!

Studies show supplementing your diet with the right combination of digestive enzymes can improve and maintain your digestive health. This is why I decided to take the Me+My™ Trust Your Gut 30-day Challenge! I’ve suffered with digestive issues from countless meals in the past. Since I’ve started taking the 30-Day Challenge, I’ve been much more regular. The bloating, gas, and heartburn have decreased immensely. I have not completed the full 30 days, but I can already feel the difference! My date nights with hubby have been going much more smoothly since I’ve started taking Digest Results™.

These photos are from a staycation we had at the W Hotel for our anniversary. During our staycation I was able to enjoy delicious romantic meals and spend quality time with my husband without experiencing any discomfort.

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Me+My™ Digest Results™ and Gluten Assist™ have fast-acting, all-natural enzymes that help to break down food. Which means I’m able to eat whatever my heart desires! Did you know many people who don’t have Celiac Disease still have difficulty digesting gluten? With the fast-acting Gluten Assist™, you can enjoy hamburgers with the bun and cheese and that bread basket sans the uncomfortable side effects. It’s wonderful to be able to enjoy the foods you love without the fear of suffering from gas, heartburn, and bloating.

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You can find Me+My™ at your local Walmart. Now it is your turn to take the 30-Day Challenge with Digest Results™ or Gluten Assist™! Visit www.Trustygut.com for more information and a free trial. You will experience the immediate difference and confidence that comes with enjoying the foods you love without any digestive discomfort.

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Me+My™.

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