Everyday Luxury in the Black Label Lincoln MKX 

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Driving around the Lincoln Black Label MKX was eye opening experience! Lincoln has made luxury so easy. I feel like they really get me!


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Customized & Massage Seating

When you first sit down, you are able to customize every aspect of your seat for maximum comfort! You can make the seat longer too which works perfectly for my talk husband. Once we both found the postitions we liked, we were able to easily set that as our seating choice with the presets on the door.

Then, you are able to customize the lumbar support and put on the amazing massage for back and bottom. You can also set the AC or heat on your bottom. I like to keep the AC cold and my seat warm for a nice heat compress for my back.

Smart & Easy to Use Bluetooth

The thing that bugs me most about my SUV is that the Bluetooth is unreliable and annoying to connect. When I sat down in the Lincoln MKX, I was immediately able to figure out how to connect my Bluetooth to the stereo. I am extremely impressed by the simplicity of this high tech SUV. If I can figure it out without help on the first try, then anyone can!

slotmachineImpressive Design

The interior of the car is extremely sleek and luxurious. The two tones of grey inside the Black Label is very relaxing and suddle. You aren’t hit in the face with color or modernism the way you are in some luxury cars. I noticed the interlocking L design after a few days of driving and was blown away by the supbtly of what Lincoln is calling the Lincoln L. I might need a bag and definitely a key fob to match this L design. It’s extremely stylish and reminds me of the Louis Vuitton LV or the Gucci G’s.


slotmachine-2The sunroof is massive and makes you feel like you are sporting around in an SUV convertible. Does that exist? It’s so nice being able to open it so that you can see the skit and the stars.

Huge Trunk

The trunk is gigantic which is a must for me! I feel like I never have enough room for my big purchases in my truck. This has enough room where everything can fit without having to take up space in the back seat.

lincoln-mkx-review-40-of-44There are a ton more features that I didn’t cover, but that are equally awesome. Learn more about the Lincoln MKX here!

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