Father’s Day Gift Guide

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Father’s Day Gift Guide

This is my first Father’s Day that I will be buying gifts for my Dad and my husband. We became parents last year right after Father’s Day so this is his first Father’s Day. My husband is the best dad in the world and I want to do something really special for him this year. I bought him a series of cooking classes for his birthday this Monday. I chose a Chinese cooking class for both of us to attend because there is no good Chinese food in South Florida so I thought this would be a great way to get some good Chinese food. Cooking is something that he is really into.

I put together this Father’s Day Gift Guide with the help of my husband. He picked out a ton of items he wanted and then I narrowed down the list to 10 items.


1. PlayStation 4 Console – My husband walked up to his PS3 to reset it because it froze to tell me that I should add the PS4 to the list. He told me that the he’s had his PS3 for 8 years and that it has far outlasted the lifespans of most laptops. We uses the PS3 to watch HuLu and Netflix and my hubby uses it to play video games when I am not home or when I am working on the blog at night.

2. Sunglasses

3.Complete Shave Set by Blind Barber: This set is available on Luxury Barber and comes with Blind Barber Watermint Gin Facial Cleanser; Blind Barber Watermint Gin Shave Cream and Blind Barber Watermint After-shave Soother. I love the names. They sound so sexy!

4. Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (7-Inch)My hubby bought me an iPad a while back and he has been wanting a tablet ever since. It is like a mini portable TV and computer in one.

5. Exfoliant by SW Basics of Brooklyn: I love when my hubby exfoliates and this an awesome exfoliant with organic ingredients such as oats and almonds, which are grinded together to give men’s skin new life. Combined with Maine sea salt, this exfoliant is specifically harvested by a salt harvester that puts attention into every bottle.

6. Canon EOS 6D 20.2 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera with 3.0-Inch LCD and EF24-105mm IS Lens Kit: This camera is awesome and we just bought one. I highly recommend it as it takes great pictures and also has wifi so that you can take a photo with the camera and then Instagram or share it on your phone.

7. Hair Loss Prevention: I know this can be a touchy subject so this gift might not be the hair sensitive men, but if your man is secure like mine, then you should be able to put this in a basket with other goodies from Luxury Barber. The Pura D’or Hair Treatment Kit is the ultimate organic hair loss treatment. This kit includes two items to help you achieve the highest quality in your hair loss prevention regimen including: the Argan Oil for Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo and the Premium Organic Argan Oil Conditioner. The Hair Loss Prevention shampoo contains of blend of ingredients to curb premature hair loss but clearing the scalp and encouraging new growth. Finish off your hair loss prevention routine with the complimenting Argan Oil Conditioner to nourish and restore the overall health of your hair

8. Custom Cell Phone Case: This is an awesome cell phone case for father’s who love looking at pictures of his babies. I know my hubby would love this.

9. Safety Razor Set: This is such a classy looking razor set. I would love looking at on the bathroom counter.

10. Body Scrub by SW Basics of Brooklyn: The SW Basics of Brooklyn Body Scrub is made up of coarse organic demerara sugar and organic shredded coconut. Together, these ingredients exfoliate the skin to remove dead skin cells and restore its natural glow.

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11 thoughts on “Father’s Day Gift Guide”

  1. I love the phone cases. I gave hubby something like that last year. I think he needs a new one for this phone.

  2. This was an amazing Father’s Day gift guide, though I still have a difficult time deciding on what to do for it.

  3. Laughing about the hair loss prevention. My husband would rather go bald and/or white than do anything with his hair.


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