Felt Purse DIY #SummerofJoann

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Jo-Ann Fabrics is hosting a Pinterest contest to celebrate the Summer of Jo-Ann. I chose to make a Felt Purse from the Cape Discovery Catalog.  Vote for my craft by pinning one the images from this post using the hashtag #summerofjoann.

felt purse DIY

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Felt Purse DIY #SummerofJoann Supplies and Tools

1. Canvas Large Tote Bag

2. Bag of Assorted Feathers

3. 1 Sheet of Polka Dot Felt

4. 1 Sheet of Light Green Felt

5. 1 Sheet of Dark Green Felt

6. Computer, Printer & Paper

7. Silver Studs

8. Alene’s Non-Toxic Glue

9. Leaf Pattern

10. Scissors

11. Elmer’s Craft Bond Spray Adhesive


Step 1

Increase the size of the leaf on your computer so that it is the size of a sheet of paper. Print out 2 copies of the leaf pattern.


Step 2

Use Elmer’s Craft Bond Spray Adhesive to glue the leaf pattern to light green felt. Use Elmer’s Craft Bond Spray Adhesive to glue the second leaf pattern to dark green felt. The spray should be very light.

Step 3

Cut out the the leaves and peel the paper off the leaves carefully. Using Alene’s Non-Toxic Glue, glue the leaves on the Canvas Large Tote Bag.


Step 4

Cut 2 pieces of polka dot felt 3″ by 12″. Fold each piece in half lengthwise with wrong side together and glue.

Step 5

Take each polka dot strip and every 1/2″ fold to center in a spiral motion. Glue down folds to like a flower. Make 2 flowers.


Step 6

Glue 1st polka dot flower to right corner of the Canvas Large Tote Bag and the second flower on the left side.

Step 7

Glue green feathers behind the flower on the left.

Step 8

Cut out a circle with a diameter of 1″. Use silver studs to embellish the circle. Glue the circle inside the left flower.


Step 9

Embellish the right flower with the silver studs using them as extra polka dots.


Step 10

Use studs to embellish the top of the canvas tote.


Step 11

Embellish the leaves with silver studs. I did this because I had some breakage in the leaves. I would try to cut the leaves thicker to prevent the breakage, but either way, I am happy with the way the bag turned out.

joann fabric felt purse

Disclaimer: Jo-Ann Fabric’s gave me a gift card to be used to make this DIY. I chose this project and as always, all opinions are my own. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me through the contact me link above.

I loved making this DIY project. If you have any questions about the execution of this project, feel free to leave them below.


What do you think of this DIY project?

Sharing is caring!

7 thoughts on “Felt Purse DIY #SummerofJoann”

  1. I had no idea that was felt until I read the entire post. I love the colors and the ferns are so cool! good job.


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