Fifty Shades Darker Masquerade Party

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I remember the first time that I read Fifty Shades of Grey for my very first book club group. It feels like ages ago, but I loved the freedom of it. I had never read anything like it then and since! I am not a big romance fan, but the story of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele is extremely sweet and gets me every time! 


 My new book club is all about having fun girl’s night in theme parties. It might be shameless, but our favorite choice of books are titles that turn into movies! We love to have a book club and then a movie night!!

This week, I hosted a masquerade book club party with my friends. The decor was very sexy with black and silver and gorgeous masquerade eye masks to celebrate Fifty Shades Darker coming to theaters just in time for Valentine’s Day.

50-shades-darker-party-7-of-8 50-shades-darker-13-of-13

For snacks at the party, I grabbed items that I just had to throw in the oven. I did not want to spend all day in the kitchen. Instead, I worked on sexy drinks and decor. 

50-shades-darker-8-of-13I made up cute gift bags filled with Fifty Shades Darker themed items. I stuffed the goodie bags with T-shirts, lip balm, vanity bag, and copy of the book (the one with movie tie-in cover…so HOT). You can easily make these on the Cricut machine. 


50-shades-darker-party-11-of-14 50-shades-darker-party-9-of-14 50-shades-darker-party-8-of-14 50-shades-darker-party-7-of-14
 To make the masquerade book club, even more, fun, I made a Darker Dirty Martini made with Kalamata olives instead of the traditional green olives. The drink was inspired by a drink that I had at a Mom’s Night Out a few weeks ago. You can also feature a Fifty Shades of Grey wine


Darker Dirty Martini


1 Part Grapefruit Juice 

1/2 Part Lime Juice 

2 Parts Vodka 

1/2 Part Kalamata Olives 

Garnish with Kalamata Olives 


Juice the Grapefruit and lime and measure out for the cocktails. 

Add vodka, lime juice, Grapefruit juice, Kalamata Olive juice, and vodka to an ice-filled shaker. 

Shake and serve in a martini glass. 

Garnish with Kalamata Olives. 



Ready to slip into something a shade darker? Get your tickets on Fandango now for opening weekend, and watch the trailer below!

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson return as Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele in Fifty Shades Darker, the second chapter based on the worldwide bestselling “FiftyShades” phenomenon.  Expanding upon events set in motion in 2015’s blockbuster film that grossed more than $560 million globally, the new installment arrives for Valentine’s Day and invites you to slip into something a shade darker.


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