Flower Crown DIY

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I have noticed that flower tiara in a ton of different stores for spring. I love the idea of wearing a crown on just a regular day. I was walking around Joann’s Fabrics buying supplies for another DIY project and found myself drawn to the fake flower section. I decided to try to try my hand at a flower crown DIY. It came out just lovely and was very easy to accomplish. The details on how I made the tiara are below.

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Flower Crown DIY


1. Fake Flowers
2. Cutting Pliers
3. Green flower tape


Step 1

Shop for fake flowers that look real. I spent way too much time looking for flowers at Jo Ann’s Fabrics, but I think it paid off because I found some realistic flowers. People actually asked me if they were real several times.


Step 2

Cut off the pieces of the flowers into the longest pieces you can using the cutting pliers.



Step 3

Put the longest flower strand together to make one long flower strand.



Step 4

Tape the flower strands together using green flower tape.


Step 5

Measure your head in the mirror and hold the 2 sides of the bonded together flower strand. Use the green flower tape to hold the sides together. Tape in the green areas and not over the flowers.



Step 6

Wrap a new long strand of flowers and follow the original circle. Tape on the green areas rather than on the flowers.


Step 7

Cut off any extra green stems that stick out.



Congrats! You have a beautiful new flower crown!!



What are you going to wear with your new flower crown?

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Sharing is caring!

31 thoughts on “Flower Crown DIY”

  1. That is just beautiful! I really like it! Most flower Tiara are huge and clunky and I never liked them, Yours and dainty and small and I REALLY do love it! I love the picture of you showing your belly too! What a sweet picture!

  2. You look so beautiful and your little crown is very pretty!! You have given me an idea for some wedding jewelry I’ve been commissioned to make…..I really like these particular flowers/buds you used

  3. I want to wear a crown every day! I love it! I think my daughter would love to make crowns for her friends! Thanks for the idea.


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