Gift Guide for Stylish Men

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Gift Guide for Stylish Men It’s not what you wear, more so how YOU wear it. I think we’ve all heard this before to the point of teetering on cliché; nonetheless, lovingly hugged as truth.

Neil Ramsay is a Business Finance Advisor , Educator, Contemporary Arts Enthusiast and most importantly a stylish man.

Growing up (infancy through teen school years as a student in “5th form Design”) in the outskirts of London proper was a banquet for the senses with 1970’s – 80’s street styles, ethic mixes, the uniform of raves, and home cocktail parties. I got to witness a plural SOIREE of uninhibited styles. The classic ‘City Gent’ not an uncommon childhood sighting commuting around London (Bowler Hats & Umbrellas).

Back to style, the above are where I learned an appreciation for & crafted an interest in Dandyism.  Fast forward to the present: To each his in own. For myself “even the wardrobe must have its stories”.  Ndr 

Here’s a fashion guy’s (insert grain of salt) gift guide.

 Wardrobe classicsLong-term assets. The main staples you build around, like the couch, dining table, flooring, and walls in your home. Consider, fabrics, textures, patterns, colors, style, era, fit, and cut.  You must really like these items for you (this is where you may want to blow your wad) and be sure you can pull it off for a long time, getting this wrong is costly “no puns intended” i.e. be practical. This is your style base.

FashionCurrent assets. These keep you time relevant, responsive & fun (not where you blow your wad at all, unless you derive your living from being in fashion).

Jewelry & Accessories Spin. A severely under considered segment of mans dress. This is not to be confused with resource statements gentlemen, this category could go from a $3.00 piece of string to the $100,000+ Hublot, the point here is wearing it, and it not wearing you.

Tiffany & Co. gold monogram signet ring (especially one used to mark documents officially).

 Function –  Operations. These are your items that must perform a needed duty besides create an aesthetic.

FunClosed for business. Clothing is indeed optional at this point; however, if you are to don something, remember this speaks even louder about you than the garb you sport while being paid. This is the time to dress!


Local Miami designer Tara Sokolow. These unique fine artisan pieces give a raw yet sophisticated aesthetic with culture.

The Espiritutara Id bracelets are oxidized sterling silver with either black rubber $140 or matte picture jasper $145.

Mini PaisleySocks by Etro. Classic print redux in modern palette, minimal scale of repetition makes the paisley more purposeful & talkative. Color is extremely versatile for a pop with most items from jeans to formal.

Etro Silk Pocket Square. Pocket Squares provide a terrific whimsy, respect of classicism, & a very personal statement.


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