Glitter Candle Holders DIY

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My first little one is coming soon and we just had our her baby shower. The theme of the shower was glitter inspired by our All Things Glitter Tiny Prints Baby Shower Invitation. I decided to make glitter candle holders for this DIY. You know me, I love my glitter DIYs!

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:: Ingredients for Glitter Candle Holders DIY ::

Votive Candle Holders

Glitter Ribbon from JoAnn Fabrics

Double Sided Taple



:: How to Make Glitter Candle Holders ::

1. Wrap Glitter Ribbon around the center of the glass candle holders to measure and cut with a little extra to overlap the ribbon

2.Cut the ribbon and stick double sided tape on the glitter ribbon

3. Wrap the glitter ribbon with the double sided tape trying to get it in the middle of the glass



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If you have any questions about this Glitter Candle Holders DIY, please free to ask. Where else would you use these glitter candle holders?

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