Hair Accessories DIY Organizer

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Do your hair accessories end up in random places like at the bottom of your bags or the junk drawer? My junk drawers seem to be multiplying and I am trying to get a handle on the organization in my house! So far, I have decluttered some of the house by giving away 20 bags clothes and various other doodads to charity. It felt good to fill them up and drop them at the front door to be picked up for charity. The dent in the chaos of my house is quite small, but it is a step in the right direction! My next step is giving items that I want to keep a place. If there is a place for things to go, those things are less likely to end up in one of my many junk drawers. Hopefully soon, I will be back down to one small junk drawer!

I have tried several methods of organization for my hair accessories. The last attempt had them under the sink where I could not find them. I want them to be displayed so that I can pick from them like I pick my necklaces. I decided to display the hair accessories similar to the way I hang my necklaces. Of course, necklaces can easily hang because they have a hole where you neck goes. The hair accessories vary and therefore needed something better than a hook. I saw something on Pinterest that was very pink and had polka dots for little girls clips and decided to make something similar for myself, but something more earthy and less little girly. I came up with the idea of the color palette and when I was at the beach last week. I have been trying to give my bedroom and bathroom a relaxing vibe of the ocean so that I can feel tranquil when I am in this very personal space.  My first step to getting a serene bathroom is this beachy themed organizer. I plan to paint at least one ocean watercolor painting to go with it (stay tuned). Most of the items that I used to create this awesome hair clip organizer is from Simply Art Wood by Loew-Cornell and available at JoAnn’s crafts store.



Hair Accessories DIY Organizer

Tools & Supplies

2 Packages SIMPLY ART® Wood 12″ square dowels – 10 ct using 6 largest same size dowels
6 SIMPLY ART® Wood Large Spring Clothespins 3 3/8″ – 24ct
12 SIMPLY ART® Wood Circles
SIMPLY ART® Watercolor Cakes
SIMPLY ART® Watercolor Brush Set – 10ct
Burlap Ribbon (non-wired)
Hot Glue
Hot Glue Gun
2 Picture Hanging Teeth
2 Nails
Measuring Tape or Ruler


Using watercolor paint, paint each Simply Art Wood large dowel a different shade of blue. I mixed together some of the greens and blues to create some custom blues. The best way to do it is to bring the green into the blue color and mix. Don’t worry about creating the same color every time. I am going for an ombré worn look.Woodsies-DIY-(1-of-5)_edited-(1)

Paint one side of the 12 large circles using different blues and created blue from your watercolor palette.

Paint 6 clothespins in various blue colors, continuing to mix the green with the blues.

Cut 6 pieces of 1 foot burlap ribbons (without wires).

Use the hot glue gun to glue the dowels together lengthwise.

Pour glue down the back of the crack of the dowels.

Glue the wood circles to the bottom of the ribbons as weights.


Glue the clothespins ½ inch from the side and 1 ½ inches in between each clothespin.


Add picture hanging teeth to the back of the top dowel.

Using a measuring tape and level, hang the hair clip holder.


Check out more craft ideas like these on Loew-Cornell. They are an extremely reliable resource for craft inspiration and learning. Get most of the goodies for this craft on Loew-Cornell’s website.

Sharing is caring!

7 thoughts on “Hair Accessories DIY Organizer”

  1. This is a pretty and totally doable DIY project. My daughter loses so many hair accessories that it’s been driving me crazy. I need to make this with her and hopefully, she’ll learn to keep everything on it.

  2. How cute! We’re getting ready for back to school, and new hair accessories are on my daughter’s list of things she wants. It’ll be a lot of fun for her to see all of her options with this.

  3. I need to make this desperately! My daughter has so many headbands and I can’t keep them organized! I love this!

  4. Just the one I was looking for, my daughter actually keeps her accessories organized but then her little is not enough to keep them, I mean she has a lot of it cause she really is a big fan of so she convinced not only me but also her aunts to get her some of it. so thank you so much for the share, I do hope this one will help.


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