Halloween Pillows DIY Tutorial

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Halloween Pillows DIY Tutorial 

This is a super simple ghost, pumpkin and black cat Halloween pillows that is the perfect no sewing necessary that you can do with your older children or just on your own for fabulous Halloween Decor that looks like you paid way too much for it. I promise to keep your budget secret!

Felt Halloween DIY Kids Project

Tools & Supplies
2 pieces of each color felt (2 orange, 2 black, 2 green, 2 white)
Pillow Stuffing
Tacky Glue

Halloween DIY supplies
Step 1:
Cut all of the pieces of felt into squares. Save the scraps for use making the faces of the ghost, pumpkin, and black cat.

Halloween Felt DIY

Step 2:
With the leftover scrap pieces of felt, cut out eyes, nose and mouth for each of the pillows.

Halloween Felt Pillows DIY Tutorial
Step 3:
On the remaining piece of felt, glue an incomplete square. Make sure to leave a space for putting in the pillow stuffing! Place the other piece of felt on top and press down. Let dry.

black cat felt pillow

Step 4:
Once dried, find the small opening and begin stuffing your Halloween pillow. When stuffing is complete, glue the opening shut and let dry.

Felt DIY Tutorial Halloween

Step 5:
Trim the edges in fun shapes or leave it as is and enjoy! ?

Halloween Decor Tutorial

Halloween Pillow DIY Tutorial

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