Harold & Hog Pretend for Real

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My daughter is thankful for her family and her new puppy, Brighton. When I first asked her what she is thankful for, she said, what is thankful? I mean, kids say thank you all the time, but being thankful is something else. Mo Willems’ Thank-O-Rama is a month-long celebration that reminds us to pay more attention to what we are thankful for, and is a great way to introduce our children to what it means to be thankful. In the spirit of Thank-O-Rama, we are thankful for the newest book from the Elephant & Piggie Like Reading! series: Harold & Hog Pretend for Real! by Dan Santat.

Harold and Hog Pretend for Real

In the new Mo Willem’s book, Harold & Hog Pretend for Real!, Harold and Hog are best friends. They pretend to be Elephant & Piggie,and the Pigeon even makes an appearance. In the book, Hog is careful; Harold is not; Harold cannot help smiling; Hog can; Hog worries so that Harold does not have to. It is a very cute reversal of the typical roles of Elephant & Piggie. I love that it brought up the conversation that not all Elephants have the same personality, the same way humans don’t all have the same personality. It showed my daughter that it’s best to always be yourself, and I am thankful for lessons like this in a fun book that she can enjoy.

Harold & Hog Pretend for Real! is in stores now! Find out where to buy here.

Thank-O-Rama Activities

Mo Willems’ Thank-O-Rama fun activities can be printed here. They have circle activities that go with the different Elephant and Piggie books that come after story time like dancing the most popular dance from different decades after Elephants Cannot Dance!

You can also download Elephant & Piggie Coloring Sheets here on the Pigeon Presents Website. Kids love to color and this will help bring the book characters to life.

As part of the fun, you can print Elephant & Piggie puppets. You can also use this printable to make photo props for Thank-o-Rama festivities.

As an activity of our own, we took some time to reflect on what we are thankful for and to write it down with our adorable Elephant & Piggie chalk. We are thankful for Mo Willems and Elephant & Piggie, and books like these that allow us to spend quality time reading and laughing together.

What are you Thank-O-Rama thankful for?


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