Hasbro – Playmation Marvel Avengers + Marvel Playmation City DIY

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We received the Hasbro – Playmation Marvel Avengers for review purposes. All opinions are my own. 

The Playmation Marvel’s Avengers Starter Pack with two Smart Figures, Iron Skull and Captain America, 2 Power Activators, and a Repuls0r Gear. 

Playmation Starter Pack

The Playmation Marvel games has been my exercise lately. I was drenched in sweat by level 5 the other day. It is definitely something that I will be playing a ton! It’s so much fun to get to play some of my favorite MARVEL characters and crush bad guys like Red Skull.Playmation Starter Set  Playmation DIY


My husband and I kept switching back and forth while we were playing since we only have one repulser gear right now.  We have gotten to Level 5 so far. The cool thing about Playmation is that it tracks your progress. As you progress and level up, you gain new abilities. You earn points as you spar with villains. When you are fighting Red Skull, he pops off the power activator when he’s defeated. It’s a great feeling!

playmation red skull Marvel Playmation City DIYMarvel Playmation City DIY

We built a Playmation City out of oversized boxes so that we had a place to hide behind and put the Smart Figures and Power Activators. It is really simple to put together. You just need black paint and a chalk marker for the windows. Paint in thin coats with a roller and let dry in between coats.

Marvel Playmation City DIY Playmation Avengers Playmation DIY Playmation Iron Man Playmation Work Out Playmation Repulser Smart Figures

The Playmation Marvel’s Avengers Starter Pack with two Smart Figures, Iron Skull and Captain America.

Playmation Captain America Red Skull Playmation

Smart Figure play is separate from missions and each figure can unlock new abilities, weapons and missions, directly to your Repulsor Gear. There are an additional 10 Smart Figures available and more are coming. You can collect all the figures to add new abilities to your Gear.

If you want more of a challenge, try placing Power Activators in different places throughout your room for more advanced and dynamic action, or adding a Smart Figure to your mission play.

Playmation is recommended for ages 6 and up. As adult in our 30s, I can tell you that the up means really up! I would definitely put this on your husband’s Christmas list. The Playmation starter pack came to stores on October 4, 2015! 

Purchase your Playmation here! You will love it! 

Playmation City DIY

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