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This is a sponsored post written on behalf of CVS Pharmacy. I’m excited to share how you can #FindYourHealthy 

As the new year approaches, I am starting to think about how to incorporate healthy snacks into my diet. It is good to eat healthy meals, but the healthy snacks are the key because I get cravings all day as I drive around town. Keeping low cal and healthy snacks around keep me from giving into weakness and stopping at a drive thru.

Fruits & Veggies with Almond Butter – $7.29

My main go to healthy snacks are things like sliced apples, snow peas, and carrots. These are easy to grab, but they don’t really keep in your car for emergencies. If you remember to bring them with you before you leave the house, these snacks are your best bet. If you have to dip, the Almond Butter from gold eblem abound is a great choice to keep on hand. Right now the almond butter is on Buy 1 get 1 half off. It’s a great deal.



Pistachios – $1.00

I love eating pistachio as snack because they are so fun to eat. I love cracking them open for a tasty inside. These are made with sea salt. They help with a heart healthy. Scientific evidence suggests but does not prove that eating 1.5 ounces per day of most nuts, such as pistachios, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol may reduce the risk of heart disease.

Fruit Snack Bars – $4.49

Fruit snack bars are an easy way to curb a sweets craving on the go. This box comes with 5 bars that you can easy stick in your center console of your car.


Mixed Berry Instant Oatmeal

The instant oatmeal has freeze dried strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry, and blackberry become instantly hydrated and yummy with the oatmeal. All you need is water or milk and 1 minute in the microwave.

Heavenly Light Popcorn – $1.00

The heavenly light popcorn is by far my favorite snack. It is low calorie, tasty and filling all at the same time. You cannot beat this snack. It comes in several different bag sizes including a tiny one that is only $1.00!


Mango & Raspberry Snack Bars – $4.49 (5 Bars)

These amazing bars have 2 amazingly unique fruit combo that I have never seen before – mango and raspberry. This is mixed with 2 of my favorite seeds & nuts – almonds and pumpkin seeds. The bars a great source of protein with 5 grams per bar.


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