Holiday Gift Guide 2013 | Gift of Family Connection with the Best Wireless Plan

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Holiday Gift Guide 2013 | Gift of Connection with the Best Wireless Plan

2013 Holiday Gift GuideMy mom’s cell phone is so old that it is barely works. She is always buying stuff for the baby or me and my sister, but she never spends money on herself. Typical mom! She is always doing for her kids. Yesterday, she had to call me from my sister’s cell phone because her phone was not working! It is extremely important to have a working cell phone when you have 2 daughters and a grand-daughter to keep in touch with! That is why I got her a Walmart Family Mobile with the lowest price rate plan. It is perfect way to get my mom a new phone without having to commit to a service contract and a provider and spending a fortune on a new phone.

Gift of Family Connection Walmart Family Mobile. #shop

The service is $39.88 for unlimited talk, text, and web and $29.88 for unlimited talk and text! Those are amazing price! It makes me want to cancel my current plan, but unfortunately I am locked in! I thought the network wouldn’t be that great, but it cheap wireless plan is actually powered by T-Mobile. You can use your own unlocked phone or purchase a phone like the one I chose the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit.

Great Gift from Walmart Family Mobile, #shop

Since I am able to set everything up online, it was easy to make the purchase and take home the phone and the starter kit without having to wait for a Walmart employee to set up the phone for me. It is easy to shop around Black Friday if you do not need any extra help. Arm yourself with information and it is simple to just shop and go.

Walmart family Mobile Samsung galaxy, #shop

The Walmart Family Mobile Starter Kit and Mobile Phone makes an awesome gift for someone like my mom. You can also foot the bill for a few months to sweeten the gift. Once you hand the bill over, the receipt will appreciate you every time they pay their low wireless bill. It is the gift that keeps on giving!

Walmart Starter Kit, #shop

Walmart Family Mobile, #shop

Gift-of-Connection, #shop


Purchase the Gift of Family Connection with the Walmart Family Mobile here.

Activate the phone with an unlimited plan here.

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