Holiday Pajama Party

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My group of friends loves to hang out and host parties all the time. This week I came up with an awesome theme – Pajama Party! Everyone gets to break out their Christmas Jammies and be comfortable as we spend time together. The holidays are right around the corner and it’s nice to be able to spend time together for comfortable girl’s night in.  


The inspiration came for when I was going through some old clothes and found a ton of Christmas PJs that my mom buys for the entire family every year. After a while, the only PJ we have are Christmas related. On laundry day, the red cycle is mostly jammies. LOL I asked my friends if they had any Christmas Pajamas lying around and of course, most of them did. I have put together a party plan for this Holiday Pajama Party with menu, decor, and activities that will make hosting super easy. Get more holiday decor ideas here

Food Menu

When I started thinking about the the menu, I came up with the idea of making it focused on comfort food and snacks like we used to eat when we were kids at sleepovers. The first thing that came to mind were Lay’s Kettle Cooked and Onion Dip. That was my favorite sleepover snack!



Next, I decided to add in some decadent treats like the Nut Harvest Dark Choc Almond Toffee Bites, Nut Harvest Milk Chocolate Peanuts, and Indulgences by Smartfood Popcorn – Raspberry & Dark Chocolate. The chocolates and the amazing popcorn were huge hits. Everyone fell in love with the chocolate raspberry popcorn and took pics of the bag because they could not live without it. It is serious the best thing ever!






Next, I decided to make some of my favorite dishes that like Caprese Pasta Salad and Buffalo Chicken Dip. Stacy’s Pita Chips go perfectly with the Buffalo Chicken Dip which everyone loves at my parties. I also made a delicious winter fruit salad. Of course, I had to make something low cal for the gals that are on diets.

Drink Menu

I normally make a signature mixed drink cocktails for every party that I host, but this party is so low key that mixed drinks seemed out of place. The first thing came to mind were luxury beers like Stella Artois and a great tasting craft beer like Shock Top. You can just set the beer up in a silver bucket and forget about. Easy peasy!


For the gals that want to skip the cocktails, I put out Lipton Peach and Pure Leaf Unsweetened Iced Tea. This way I had a sweet and unsweetened options.


Party Decor

I found most of the items that I used for the decor at Target where I go the rest of the items. Here are some of the items I picked up and some that I had already. Most of the stuff I saw similar products at Target so you can get all of it in one shot if you don’t have any party set up.

Large Serving Bowls

Chip and Dip Servers

Small Christmas Table Decor

Doll Bed

Sleeping Eye Masks

Holiday Blankets

Small Holiday Serving Bowls

Christmas Coasters

White Tablecloths



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 Holiday Pajama Party - this Grown Up Christmas party has party decoration ideas, food and drink menu with cocktails and recipes

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  1. What a great idea perfect for a girls night in! I love Stacy’s Pita Chips! I want try the smartfoods popcorn looks delish!


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