Hooded Eye Makeup Look with Pixi Ultimate Beauty Kit 3rd Edition

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Over the holidays, Pixi by Petra sent me this Ultimate Beauty Kit 3rd Edition. I’m excited to share with you this hooded eye makeup look showing how this mostly matte palette is perfect for hooded eyes. The price point is the perfect place to start the year with a good palette that won’t break the bank.


Primer & Foundation

I start with the Nivea After Shower Balm that I use as a primer and apply it all over my face and eyelids to prime the skin for makeup application. 

pixi-ultimate-beauty-kit-15-of-15For foundation, I use the Chanel Les Beige Broad Spectrum SPF 15 in color No 20. I usually do two pumps to the back of my hand and then dot it all over my face starting with one pump. But, I only use one pump if I don’t need a lot of coverage. Then, I buff the foundation into my face using a blending sponge. This one is from Target. 


For concealer, I am using Maybelline Instant Age Rewind EraserYou have to twist the top to get the concealer out. I pat into the undereye area and pull it done to make a large triangle. Then, I use the Eraser in between my brows, down my nose, on my cupid’s bow and my chin as a highlighter.  I buff the concealer into my face using a blending sponge. This is my favorite concealer by far. It’s the bomb!

Hooded Eye Makeup

I use shadow shields under my eyes to prevent fall out. These things are genius and help move the process along quicker.

Now, I am excited to show you what I can do with the Pixi by Petra Ultimate Beauty Kit 3rd edition. I have been using this palette a whole lot lately.  The shadows are mostly matte which is perfect for hooded eyes like mine.


Create a Higher Crease

I am starting with this medium brown from the palette. They don’t have names, so you have to rely on my pointing. Using the Real Techniques 200 Oval Shadow brush, I pack the color on the crease. Don’t forget to always tap off the excess so it doesn’t fall into your eyes. You can put the brush where you want your crease to be. My real crease is low, so I want to make a higher crease so you can see the makeup when my eyes are open. You want to blend in the crease so that it looks like a natural shadow. I also bring the eyeshadow down along the shield so that I am winging it out.

pixi-ultimate-beauty-kit-12-of-15pixi-ultimate-beauty-kit-11-of-15Then, using a darker brown matte shade, go over the crease again sweeping back and forth. This is where the crease gets even more defined. You can define it even more by using a pencil brush to add the same darker color into the crease.

Highlight Shadow

Use this light beige with a pencil brush to highlight below the brow. Blend the crease in with the oval brush without product.

Pat on a tiny bit of foundation on the lid making a dome shape. Go higher that your true crease. Using a light shimmer color with a small smudge brush from e.l.f., pat the color over the foundation.

Remove shadow shields and blend the line a little so that it is not so harsh.

Using the angled liner brush from Real Techniques, I added the light brown color tightly along my lower lash line.  

Glow Pencil Highlight

Then, using the Pixi Silky Eye Pen in Gold Glow, I lined the lower water line lightly. Then, I added some of the liner into the corner.


Face Powder

Using the Maybelline Setting Loose Powder with the applicator, I press the powder all over my face. I buff the powder into my face with the real techniques arched powder brush. The bristles are so soft, and the brush is so luxurious.


Using the RT arched powder brush, I take the bronzer from the palette to contour my cheekbones, some into my hairline.

The brush from the palette is beautiful and goes on the apples of the cheeks with a MAC blush brush. I’ll link all the brushes and makeup below.


With the Real Techniques 301 Flat Contour Brush, I buff highlighter from the palette into on my cheekbones. Make a v around the eyes.



With the Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Liner, I tightly line my upper lashes. I try to get the finest line possible.


This is my new brow routine with drugstore finds! I start with the Maybelline Design & Fill Duo in Soft BrownWith the soft side, I rub the powder into the meaty part of my brows. Then, I use the pencil side to make small strokes to cover my scar and to make my brow longer. Next, I use the Maybelline brow precise fiber volumizer in blonde to color the brow hairs.



For mascara, I use the Make Up For Ever Smoky Extravagant Mascara. I got it as a gift from Sephora. I really should not be using mascara with lash extensions, but sometimes, I do it any. SHHH don’t tell anyone. I love this applicator because after I am done with the top, I used what is left on the lower lashes in this sweeping motion.



For an everyday look, I like to use nude lip color. One of my favorite colors is this Bahama Breeze from Milani. I don’t use a lip liner for an everyday look like this.


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