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The holidays are around the corner and my days are filled to the brim with events and work. I need my hair to be ready for anything! I love wearing curls for medium length hair during this festive season because it always looks like I made an effort even if it is a really minimal effort. My go-to curling irons for the perfect curl are made by Hot Tools! What can I say, my hairdresser uses them and got me hooked! Hot Tools is a brand widely used in professional salons, and many may own a Hot Tools Professional Series product. You can get your own Hot Tools Signature Series products from Walmart and/or Amazon.

Curls for Medium Length Hair Tutorial

To get quick curls for medium length hair, start by washing your hair and letting it air dry.

Use heat protector and detangler before your hair dries.

Once your hair is completely dry, brush out your hair with care.

Heat up the 1 inch Hot Tools curling iron to a temperature based on the damage to your hair. Since my hair is extremely damaged from coloring, I use a temperature of 280 degrees  F. I love that the Hot Tools Signature Series curling irons go from 280 F to 430 F. If your hair is damaged, you need this low temperature setting to protect your hair from further damage. I am so excited that Hot Tools launched the Signature Series line to bring styling tools home from a trusted brand used by professionals. The Hot Tools Signature Series is available now at Walmart, Amazon and other mass retailers.

Curling Iron Temperature

  • Thick hair, 380 degrees F.
  • Extremely coarse hair, you could go as high as 440 degrees F.
  • Thin fragile hair, use 280 degrees F. Also, hair that is damaged from dying, go for a low temperature.
  • Go up to 380 degrees for normal hair.

Hot Tools Curling Irons

Always start on the lower temperature and work your way up if you need to.

Section off the hair so that you start at the bottom. Bring the hair forward and curl.

After the curl comes out of the iron, use a soft light-hold hairspray to set it.

Section off the middle hair so that you can curl the hair. In the middle section, I curl all the way up to my head.

For the top section of hair, I used the iron to straighten the top part of the hair and only curl to the mid-shaft of the hair. You don’t want to curl all the way to the root. It looks too puffy that way especially in the front framing your face.

Set the curls with soft light-hold hairspray. The curls will last and be soft so that they do not look like have been sprayed at all. You want to avoid the crunchie hard curls. Instead, opt for loose relaxed curls that look effortless.

Hot Tools Curling Iron

The Hot Tools Signature Series uses gold technology to get you long-lasting curls and fast styling. The gold barrel slides easily over your hair without a snag. Pulse Technology makes sure that the curling iron gets hot and stays hot! The consistency of temperature is needed to get awesome curls throughout.

Buy your Hot Tools Signature Series curling iron and flat iron from Walmart and/or Amazon.

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