Hourglass Figure Tops – The Styles You Should Embrace

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Tops are tricky to find in general, but it’s even more difficult for those of us blessed with an hourglass figure. In this blog post we’ll explore the best hourglass figure tops that will help you look fabulous.

Tops that are too tight will show every curve and bulge; tops that are too loose will billow out, making you look like a sack of potatoes. But never fear- there is a perfect top out there for your shape!

Wrap top for hourglass

Wrap Top (xs to xl) Plus Size (1x to 3X)

Wrap Tops for an Hourglass Shape

I love wrap tops because they can make your waist appear slimmer and create space in your neck and chest area making you appear taller. The work to highlight your waist.

Wrap tops sleeves lengths can vary depending on how you feel about your arms. A universally flattering length is the 3/4 sleeve because they make your arms look slimmer and more streamlined.

If you love your arms, a sleeveless wrap tops is a wonderful choice. Also, if you want to keep warm or cover your arms, you can wear a kimono or duster over the sleeveless wrap blouse.

Long sleeved styles with some structure at the waistline can help create a more slender looking shape too because they elongate your body’s appearance.

Wrap tops for an hourglass body shape should be fitted through the hips and thighs to show off curves before wrapping around your torso for a defined yet streamlined silhouette.

Tucking in wrap top Tops is another way of drawing attention away from trouble spots; tuck in blouses so you don’t need any belts or scarves to define those areas of concern on your midsection.

Learn more about wrap dresses in this blog post about the best choices for an hourglass petite figure.

Scoop Neck Tops

Like a vneck top and wrap top, the scoop neck top can create space in your neck area to make you appear taller and take volume from your chest area. It distributes the volume from your chest more evenly and the whole look is more flattering for it.

Scoop Top

The depth of the scoop is up to you based on your modesty level. You can go for a deeper scoop when you want show so cleavage or go for a more subtle scoop when you want to be more conservative.

V-Neck Tops

The vneck top is perfect for the hourglass petite shape. V-necks are really flattering on most body shapes because the create space in the neckline and make you appear taller and slimmer.

Choose the depth of the v-neck based on your comfort level. Feel free to go for the deep v to show off your girls or wear a less deep V for a more conservative look.

Tops with Belts

Tops that have a structured waistline or a belt make your middle look slimmer because they draw the eye toward your small waist.

he Tops with Belts are designed in different styles and made from premium materials, which makes them perfect for any occasion. Tops belts are looking better than ever this year, and they come in both short and long versions, so no matter how tall you are, there is a style that will suit you perfectly!

Square Neck Tops

You can choose square neck tops as well because they create a nice open neck area that elongates your body to make you look longer and leaners.

Cropped tops for hourglass

Cropped Tops

As a petite curvy woman, you can choose to wear a cropped top that does not necessarily appear cropped or mid-drift showing. If you wear a cropped top with a pair of high waisted bottoms like a high waisted jeans, pencil skirt, shorts, joggers, or even an a-line skirt, the top will just skim the top of the high waist.

A crop top turns into a well cut shirts for petites without having to shop in the petite section. It is pretty awesome.

My favorite crop tops are from Target. They’re super cute and only five dollars.

So, you can easily get them in every color! I am wearing then in more photos here – how to look slim and taller as a curvy petite.

Tops to Avoid

Avoid crew neck, turtle neck and mock neck tops that make turn your breasts into a uni-boob and make you look bigger than you are.

Also, avoid ruffle or grand details that add bulk to your larger areas. I am very drawn to ruffles and girly details, but they do nothing for me and if anything make me look wider in my bust or hip area.

The ruffles can be double offender when you are petite because they add an extra dash of cuteness that does not help a petite women look more womanly. I am sick of being called cute and little so I do not want to help the persona of cuteness along with ruffle details.

high neck tops

How to Wear High Neck Tops as an Hourglass

You do not have to throw out all your high neck and crew neck tops if your are an hourglass. I suggest that you try them on with a long necklace that you have similar to something like this one from Kendra Scott (this is my fave).

See if the high neckline is saved by the long necklace. If it is, then keep the top. Moving forward, I would not buy any more high neck tops, but please do not go purging all your tops today. 🙂

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