How to Build Memories with Your Family

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There is nothing more fun to me than building memories with family. My daughter and I have this new thing where I tell her not to smile when I take photos of her. She usually does not smile for the camera and I decided to try something new and tell her not to smile which has the opposite effect. She can’t stop smiling. It is the most genuine giddy smile because she is laughing. The first moment that I told her to stop smiling and the face she made she did is unforgettable and a memory that I will hang on to forever. Tearing up over here!


Spend Money on Experience Not Things

Stop buying so many toys and spend money on doing things with your family. Go to the park, museum, on vacation, out to dinner. Things just fill up your house and experience fill up your heart. Which would you prefer to be full


Be in the Moment

Be in the moment and put your phone down. Social media can wait. Pay attention to your family and spend quality time with them. Every moment is precious!

Capture the Moment

As much as would love to be able to rely on my memory to remember all the good times with my family, it is not the best. The only way that I have truly found to remember things is to take photos. I try not to let the picture take over the experience, but I do spend time capturing so that I have something to refer back to. They grow up so fast and those cheeks are only chunky for so long!




Sharing is caring!

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