How to Create an Easy Everyday Makeup for Hooded Eyes

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Eye makeup for me was always an anxiety filled experience. Most times, I got it wrong, and it looked horrible in photos. I just did not get why everyone else looked good with their eyes done and mine looked like a clown. All the magazines talked about was eye shape and how to do makeup based on that. I would examine my shape every time and choose the makeup look accordingly. It never works and made me stick to mascara and tight lining the upper lid on the inside only. I was scared to even use liner on top of my lid. The resolution for this issue finally came when a makeup artist accurately described my eye as hooded one day. I had seen and heard this term before, but the pictures were so hooded that I thought that’s not me. Plus, how awful is that term…who wants to admit to themselves that they have hooded eyes. Makeup world…get a better term!!!

During my surgery recovery last year, I had nothing, but time on my hands. I watched a million youtube makeup videos and realized that most of them have slightly hooded eyes like me. During my deep dive into Beauty YouTube channels, I discovered these fabulous gals, Sam and Nic! They are two of my favorite makeup artists-slash-bloggers and I feel like they are my Beauty BFFs. When you watch them online, you feel like you know them! They are two pros behind the Real Techniques brand. They came out with the brand of brushes that other YouTubers have flocked to as well. I have to admit most of my makeup brushes. With the price point and ease of access (they are sold at Walmart!), I had to get as many as I could get my hands on! My favorite part is that every brush has multiple uses and on Sam & Nic’s site, they have videos showing you all the ways you can use the brushes. They help make applying makeup fool proof (aka April Proof).  

Everyday Makeup for Hooded Eyes

Let’s dive into the tutorial on how to create everyday makeup for hooded eyes. With a hooded eye, you have to be careful how you place your makeup! I am going to share so dos and don’t on how to apply shadow to your eyelids.

Here I am using my favorite everyday makeup palette the Naked 2 from Urban Decay. I always wanted one and finally bit the bullet last year. Now, I get what all the fuss is about. It’s an easy to grab palette for everyday looks.

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Shimmer vs. Matte

Shimmer Makeup can make or break an everyday makeup look for hooded eyes. The placement of the shimmer was the biggest problem that I had all those years of misapplying makeup. I am drawn to shimmer makeup because well…it’s shimmery. Matte shadows look so dull and, of course, don’t draw you in like a shimmer. But, the correct placement of shimmer shadow and matte colors make the perfect everyday makeup look.

Prime Your Eyes

I used the Enhanced Eye Set 2.0 from Real Techniques. First, I start with an eye shadow primer that helps the eye makeup stand out, stay put, and helps prevent creasing. I used the Medium Shadow Brush to apply from lash to brow above the eyes. Now, use that same brush, uncleaned to apply Foxy all over your eye from lashes to brow.

The Key is the Crease

Using the Essentials Crease Brush (my favorite), I blend Tease into the crease. For hooded eyes, you want the shadow to go into the crease and slightly above your crease because otherwise it looks like you have not put anything there. Your crease swallows the color when your eye is open. This is where matte vs. shimmer really makes a difference. You never want to put shimmer in your crease. Shimmer and satin finishes reflect light and you are trying to create a shadow that absorbs light. You need a matte finish to create this shadow so that you don’t draw attention to the hooded part of your eye.

Using the shading brush, bring Tease into the outer corner of your eye and down under the lower lashes. You want to stay tight, but blended here.

Mobile Lid

On the lower part of the lid (mobile lid = lid that moves when your eye opens and closes), you can use shimmer. Yay!! Using the shading brush, apply Copper to the lash line and blend up slightly. You can use an one of the shimmer from the Naked 2 palette on the lower part of your lid. I find myself using Copper the most and that is what I used today. The lighter shimmer shades read more day for me and the darker ones like Busted, I wear in the evening.

Dust off the shading brush on a tissue, then use it to add Bootycall (love these names – lol) to right below the brow bone and just a little puff into the corner of the eyes near the tear ducts.

Now, using the Fine Liner Brush, tightly line above the lashes without making a flick at the tail end. Stay as close a possible placing this shadow almost into the lashes.

With black liner, tight line the inner upper lashes. Apply Mascara to top and bottom lashes. Use a light color shimmer liner on the lower inner lower lashline.

Use a tissue or wet wipe to remove any fallout from the eyeshadow application.

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Moisturizer & Primer

Use the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush to apply moisturizer to your face. I like to use some with an SPF so that I am protected. Next, I use the same brush to buff primer into my skin. I have been using a mint colored one lately so that I toning down the redness from the start.

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Applying Foundation

The Miracle Complexion Sponges are aptly named because they give you a flawless finish! Place your foundation on a flat surface your counter or the back of your hand. I like to dab it all over your face. Use the flat edge of the sponge to blend into your skin. This gives you a natural finish. If you would like more coverage, you can add a second layer to the spots you want to cover. Use the point with concealer to conceal any blemishes and for under eyes.  The Miracle Complexion Sponge gives you the ability to keep your skin looking like skin rather than caking on your foundation. I like to buy the Sponges in sets so that I can be cleaning one while using the other or you can keep one dry and one wet. Wet is for liquid foundation and the dry sponge is for powder.

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Quick Contour

Using the Real Techniques Flawless Base Brushes Set 2.0, you can contour your skin. FI like to do this really quickly for an everyday look. First, I set the foundation with the Buffing Brush. This helps your coverage to stay put all day. Next, with a dark brown matte color just coating the tip of the Contour Brush to go from the top of the ear to the corner of the mouth, but stopping before you get to the mouth. You are enhancing the shadow that your cheek bones already make. Use a lightly hand and make sure to blend!

Applying Blush & Hightlighter

This is one of favorite Blush Brushes ever! It is my favorite way to apply blush because it makes it fool proof. Smile and apply blush to apples of your cheeks sweeping slightly up and toward the top of your ears. You can also use this Blush Brush to apply bronzer. It is so light and fluffy it makes me smile just thinking of it. 🙂

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Using the Fan brush from the Real Techniques Sculpting Set 2.0, I add highlighter to the tops of my cheek bones.

To finish the look, use a neutral lip gloss and brow pencil to fill in a little. Now, you are ready for your day!! Enjoy!!!

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I am so happy that I have been able to share my love for Sam & Nic and Real Techniques with you. Since Sam and Nic are your YouTubers, you can always check out their videos if you want a little more inspo. The next time you’re in Walmart—remember to stop in the beauty aisle. Right now when you do, you’ll earn 15 kicks on Shopkick for scanning Real Techniques products and 150 for uploading your receipt when you purchase them HERE

Real Techniques

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