How to Deal with Doggy Accidents

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A few years ago our little Harrison Ford had a horrible accident where he ate something that got stuck in his intestines. He was moping around the house, not eating, not going to the bathroom and was growling to touching near his stomach. We went to the vet several times trying to figure out what was wrong. I think this was an issue that was tacked on to a little virus that Harrison had the week before where he was prescribed anti-vomitting medicine.

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The previous virus symptoms caused a mis-diagnosis the second time we went to the Vet. The 3rd visit gave the correct diagnosis. Harrison had a foreign body stuck in his digestive track. He had to be operated on and 3 inches of his intestines were removed. It was an expensive and very emotional time for me and my husband (then boyfriend). Both sides of the family chipped in, we paid money out of pocket and put some of it on Care Credit. I would have done anything to save my little baby!

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When your dog has symptoms of an upset stomach (diarrhea, bad flatulence), it’s important to take him to your veterinarian so they can get to the bottom of their GI issue and prevent any more accidents at home. A wagging tail equals a happy dog! You have to stay attuned to your dog’s needs. Harrison still continues to eat the things that got stuck in his intestines, but we do our very best to keep them out of his reach. We bought laundry bins with click tops that would not allow him to get into the dirty laundry.

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Science is the best way to look at every issue your dog may have. For more pet health nutrition information, go to the Royal Canin website.

How to deal with doggy Accidents

Have you had any accidents with your dog?

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11 thoughts on “How to Deal with Doggy Accidents”

  1. Yes I have, and it actually happened last week at 10pm. Needless to say it was not much fun, but we figured out the root of the problem so we got him taken care of.

  2. Great advice. My nephew dog hasn’t had any accidents in years, but I remember when he did and, sure enough, there was something wrong.

  3. These are great tips. When we first got our dog and she was just a puppy, she ate some grapes off the grape vine at my parents house. We had no idea how dangerous grapes can be for dogs! It was scary!

  4. I was concerned that our german shepherd puppy had gotten into something cuz he was not very energetic, but it turned out he had a very sore leg muscle. Glad he hadn’t eaten something bad!

  5. I actually don’t have a dog but we do have two cats, and they have accidents sometimes too. This could apply to cats as well, some of it anyways.

  6. We actually lost a dog this year after taking to vet and they called and said all organs strong, but within 5 minutes called again and said obstruction killed our dog. We were crushed.

  7. I don’t have a dog but I often baby sit for other peoples dogs 🙂 Thank God I have not had one that was sick on me but I have had to clean up many of there poops loll in the park.. thanks for share @tisonlyme143

  8. I have a Cocker spaniel named Halo! She is starting to get up there in years, so we are very careful what we feed her. Thank you so much for letting me know about Royal Canine!

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