How to Decorate your Home & Table for the Holidays in Style

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Tracking PixelDuring the holidays, I find myself rushing all around trying to get the house together for guests. Here are some simple tips on how to decorate your home and table for the holidays in style. I am super excited to share this sponsored post with you about all the awesome items I found at BJ’s Wholesale Club. I love what I was able to create for my Thanksgiving guests this year, but love even MORE that I will be able to use all the items again for my Christmas guests as well.

How to Decorate your Home & Table for the Holidays in Style



Festive Entryway

Start by decorating your home with the entry point at the front door. For Thanksgiving, I added a few pumpkins and gourds right in front of the door and for Christmas, I add fake lanterns and mini Christmas trees. I like to make the front entrance festive, but not obtrusive. You can also add a cute fall wreath or Christmas wreath to the door as well. BJ’s Wholesale Club has a huge selection of wreaths and ornaments, including their exclusive Berkley Jensen Shatterproof Ornaments. BJ’s helps Members save on high-quality and affordable holiday décor options, without breaking the bank.

Festive Table

During the holidays, I like to add a little festive light to my table with a nice centerpiece. I found a Veraflame TrueFlame 6-Pc. Flameless Candle Set and it is the best thing that ever happened to my table. When I had my daughter, I stopped lighting candles in the house, but I still love the look of a candle. These candles look realistic without the need worry about anyone getting hurt. It is fantastic. I have seen some unrealistic flameless candles but was extremely impressed with the Veraflame technology that creates a visible realistic faux flame that dances like a real flame. They looked beautiful on my Thanksgiving table this year and they will be perfect for Christmas too!

Table Presentation

After being hosted by my friends with perfect tablescapes and no plastic ware on the table, I was inspired to take my entertaining skills up a notch. I found a ton of chic and stylish serving ware at BJ’s. They have everything you need to make your table look fantastic and they have it in my favorite color – white! The color white is the best choice for serving because it can remain neutral so that the food stands out and the decor of the table can coordinate with it. As you can see, the table looked very fall festive because of the pumpkin setup. I found a fantastic hors d’oeuvres lazy Susan, an 8-piece serving set with square and rectangular bowls, and a 4 pack of serving bowls. All of the serving ware is made by Berkley Jensen – one of BJ’s exclusive brands – and all the ceramic items are dishwasher- and oven-safe.

The 6-piece Berkley Jensen Lazy Susan can serve a variety of hors d’oeuvres, chips and dip, or fruits and veggies to guests. With the rotating turntable, guests will have easy access to their favorite snack without reaching over the table. The bowls are easily refillable, and let you remove each piece without taking the whole tray back to the kitchen.

This Berkley Jensen 8-Pc. Ceramic Serving Set with Bamboo Board features rectangular and square dishes with an elegant bamboo board. Arrange the dishes to create an elegant display that’s perfect for both casual and refined dining. The set includes a tray, 4 square bowls, 2 rectangular bowls and one wooden board.


The Berkley Jensen Serving Bowls can be used to serve salad or all kinds of sides. You can even enjoy cereal, soups, pasta, vegetables and more from these unique stoneware bowls.

Members can get everything they need at BJ’s to whip up a winning holiday party, including fresh deli platters, wine, beer or liquor, fresh meat, frozen appetizers and serving ware.

Drink Presentation

For serving drinks, I like to have beautiful glassware. BJ’s has Mikasa brand crystal wine glasses for a reasonable $19.99. This Mikasa 4-piece wine glass set features clear elegant European crystal that will shine beautifully in the light. These high-quality crystal wine glasses will coordinate beautifully with any dinnerware or flatware pattern and will make every occasion special. Choose from white or red wine glasses, or get both for a complete set! I also found this Mikasa Infinity Carafe that you can use to serve water or juice for your guests that don’t drink wine.


Easy Appetizers

When you are hosting a party, preparing all the food can feel overwhelming. I like to cook a main dish and supplement with appetizers. BJ’s helps Members save time and stress during the holidays with easy party planning platters. They have a huge selection to choose from and make it easy to host people over the holidays. I bought the Wellsley Farms Cheese Cube Party Tray for my guests, and told my husband and daughter that it was for the party so they would leave it alone. The Wellsley Farms Cheese Cube Party Tray is a great selection for entertaining guests and is 48 oz. of cheese for only $9.99. Each cheese tray offers a variety of cheeses for your occasion including mild cheddar, Monterey Jack with jalapeno, and Swiss cheese cubes. There was plenty of cheese to fill up the platter, and it comes in a serving dish so that you can just display it in the container if you want.



Apparently, more than a quarter of Americans (26%) need at least 24 hours to completely prepare their home for a holiday party. This is hilarious because I normally need at least 3 days and someone else helping me. BJ’s makes hosting a party less stressful by being the one-stop shop for all party needs by offering everyday low prices on fresh food, holiday décor, gifts and entertaining needs.

Do you have any other tips on How to Decorate your Home & Table for the Holidays in Style?

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