How to Dress an Apple Shape for Curvy Petites

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Are you are an apple shape where your bust, waist and chest are all about the same width? Today, I am excited to share how to dress apple shape body.

When you are a Petite Apple Shape you need to consider your height and your shape when you are choosing clothes.

Curvy Petite Body Shape

Similar wrap romper and gingham headband.

What is an Apple Shape? 

You might be an apple shape if your shoulders, bust, waist, and hips are fairly uniform. This means that your waist is undefined and when you gain weight, it usually goes straight to your mid section . 

You can be a small size apple or a plus size apple shape. The shape does not refer to size at all.

There are tons of famous people that have an apple body shape like Katy Perry, Catherine Zeta Jones, Kate Winslet, and Angelina Jolie. Even Oprah Winfrey and Tyra Banks has apple shaped body.

All body shapes are beautiful and these are just tips to help you make the choices for your body type, but if you want to wear something that is not this list, then you wear what makes your happy and feel good about yourself.

Today, I am featuring a fellow blogger and friend, Angela Cruz. She is both petite and an apple shape. We have borrowed clothes from each other and realized that even though we are the same height, we have different things that flatter our different shapes.

Vneck tops for apple shape

How to Dress with an Apple Body Shape?

The goal for dressing a petite apple shape is making the eye go away from your midsection and be drawn to other places on you body.

Everything that flatters the apple shape will draw the eye away from the uniformity of the chest and waist area. Here are some great style tips for the apple body shape.

Dresses for the Apple Shape 

The best choice of outfit for a apple shape is wearing a dress because it helps the eye glide over the middle area without breaking up the body.

Wrap Dress

Wrap Dresses – BEST Choice

One of my favorite dresses for an apple shape are wrap dresses with the side tie rather than a front tie. The V created by the wrap dress brings attention to the neck rather than the midsection.

You can wear faux wraps or true wrap dresses to create a nice silhouette on the apple shape.

If you are self conscious about your arms, you can also get a long sleeve or 3/4 sleeve wrap dress.

Angela Cruz Weight Loss

Belted Dresses

When choosing a dress for an apple shape, it is a good idea to find dresses that come with a belt that matches. Tie the matching belt on the side and allow the tails to lie flat rather than bowing them.

Apple Shape Tops

When choosing tops for an apple body shape, you want to choose tops that do not cling to you. You are looking for tops that have a v-neck and scoop neck tops made of flowy material so that it skims over the waist rather than clinging to it.

Monochromatic Outfit

You can also choose to wear dark colors on the top to help minimize the bigger parts of your body.

Peplum Tops

You can wear a peplum top that goes lower your stomach and has a vneck or scoop necks.

They draw the eye down past where you

Wrap tops for apple shape petites

Wrap tops

Just as with wrap dress, wrap tops are great choice for an apple body type. Your goal is to draw attention to the neck and chest.

Side Slit tops helps draw the eye to the peek of the sides so that you are drawing attention to the peek at your legs rather than to your mid section.

Tunic Tops for Apple Shape Body Type


The tunic top looks great on the apple shape when it has a vneck and side slits. inverted triangle

High waisted skinny Jeans

Get this amazing tunic in blue or white on sale here.

Similar tunics if this one is sold out.

Best Jeans for Apple Shape 

High waisted Skinny Jeans are the best jeans for an apple shape body. Midrise and low rise jeans can cut your off and create a muffin top that rolls out because it is cutting your body in half.

Shorts are a great choice for apple shapes because they usually have great legs. I highly recommend choosing shorts that are high waisted and allow your great legs to shine!

Apple Shape Accessories

Bold earrings statement earrings are a great choice for apples because they pull attention upwards towards your face. Also, bold necklaces also draw the eye towards your face.

Nude Pumps for Curvy Petite Women

Get this cute romper in ton of colors here size xs to xxl.

Nude shoes 

Choosing nude shoes for a petite apple shape helps elongate your legs and make you look taller and draws the focus to one of your best assets – your legs.

Dusters and Vests

Wearing dusters, kimono, and vests give a line down your body that allows the eye to flow over your middle area. You can also just drape a scarf down your chest to create the elongated line down your body.

Also, jeans jackets and blazer do the same thing. When choosing a blazer, choose one that has long lines like a boyfriend blazer or a long tuxedo lapel blazer.

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