How to Find the Perfect Sam Edelman Sandals for You

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Here is Everything You Need to Know About Sam Edelman Sandals

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Whether it’s for long walks on the beach or a trip to the mall, a good pair of sandals are an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe. Lucky for us, the iconic women’s footwear brand Sam Edelman happens to be an expert in crafting sandals that are both high-quality and stylish.

Where Can You Buy Sam Edelman Sandals?

The brand currently has 13 flagship stores that can be found all across cities in the US and as well as other locations around the world including:

  • SoHo
  • Beverly Hills
  • Palm Beach
  • Dubai
  • Hong Kong 

Sam Edelman doesn’t just operate in retail locations, their products can also be found on the brand’s official store page (, as well as other select online retailers like Shopbop. Sam Edelman’s official website also ships internationally to a wide range of locations, so women worldwide can enjoy his products. Their site also offers order tracking and holiday sales making their products the perfect gift!

What Are Sam Edelman’s Shipping Options/How long does shipping take? 

The Sam Edelman website has a lot of great resources for answering any questions you may have about the company or its products. Image courtesy of SamEdelman.

Sam Edelman’s official website offers four shipping methods to customers in the United States. The first is standard ground shipping, which is free to continental U.S. customers.

This shipping method usually takes 3 to 7 business days to arrive after processing. The second shipping method is 2-day air. This method will see your order arrive in 2 to 3 business days after processing is complete. With both standard and 2-day air shipping, orders may arrive in multiple packages. 

The next shipping method available to those in the U.S. is next-day shipping. This method will see the order delivered on the next day upon processing completion. Make sure to place your order before 12 pm Eastern Standard Time. The fastest shipping method offered by the brand to U.S. customers is the expedited shipping method. If an order is placed before 12 pm EST on a business day, that order will begin processing that day. This method has the fastest processing time and shipping time, but it is unavailable during holiday seasons and national and federal holidays. The brand does not deliver to P.O. boxes or military APO/FPO addresses. 

Shipping for international customers is a bit simpler. The brand’s website has partnered with a company called Borderfree in order to offer its products to the largest number of people across the world as possible. Borderfree transforms the brand’s webpage so that it displays the country you’re currently in, the shipping, taxes, and tariffs for that country, and the conversion of the product’s price from USD to whatever your country’s native currency is. 

Shipping times for international customers may take up to 18 business days to arrive. You can track your order through Borderfree. The features found on this site make Sam Edelman’s store page the envy of all fashion websites on the internet in our eyes. 

Who Is Sam Edelman?

We must learn who is behind such stylish sandals like these.

So who is Sam Edelman, and what was his inspiration for starting the Sam Edelman brand? Sam Edelman is known throughout the footwear industry as a creative visionary and legend. Sam has been making great contributions to the footwear industry ever since he began work for companies like Ralph Lauren as a licensee. The Ralph Lauren company is  a company that specializes in four major categories of apparel and fashion:

  • Apparel
  • Fragrance
  • Home
  • Accessories

A couple of his other achievements are his executive position at Candies and being a co-founder of the Kenneth Cole Brand. Kenneth Cole productions is a global brand that creates clothing, shoes, and accessories that are modern, functional, and versatile

Another major success attributed to Sam Edelman is his building of the Esprit brand into an iconic junior footwear brand. Sam Edelman went on to found another company in 1987, Sam and Libby, with his wife and muse Libby Edelman. They would later sell the company and Sam would enter retirement, pursuing many of his other life goals in his spare time.

Mr. Edelman noticed a void in the women’s footwear marketplace. This inspiration fueled Sam to launch his next successful brand that would focus on fashion-forward footwear that every woman could afford. Thus, in 2004, the Sam Edelman brand was launched. To this day Sam still works as president of Sam Edelman at the Edelman Shoes Manhattan offices and design studios. His creative designs still capture the attention of fashion-focused women around the world.

Sam Edelman’s Sandal Collection

The Sam Edelman brand has a wide variety of sandals available for customers to choose from. These include heel sandals with varying-sized heels, flats, platforms, slides, strappy, and even espadrilles. If it’s sandals you’re hunting for, you’re bound to find something of interest in this brand’s collection.

Sam Edelman’s Geana Platform Gladiator Sandals

These gladiator sandals are available in two colors, saddle leather (brown) and black leather. Image courtesy SamEdelman

The Geana Platform Gladiator Sandals by Sam Edelman have a fun strappy pattern. These sandals are made from leather and synthetic materials. The sole of these sandals adds a bold touch to any outfit. These sandals are available in sizes 5 through 11, medium width. 

Sam Edelman’s Gigi Sandals

These sandals are available in two colors, almond and saddle. Image courtesy Sam Edelman

Sam Edelman’s Gigi Sandals use a thong-style construction with a slingback strap that can adjust the buckle. It has a synthetic insole and lining. They come in sizes between 4.5 and 6 in medium and wide and have a micro-heel that is ¼ inch. These sandals are both classy and comfortable.

Sam Edelman’s Nolita Platform Sandals

These platform sandals are available in two colors, modern ivory leather and beige blush patent. Image courtesy of SamEdelman.

The Sam Edelman Nolita Platform Sandals have clear streamlined details and clean lines. These sandals have ankle straps that are adjustable and add some extra flare to the whole look. The Sandals are made from leather and synthetic materials. These sandals have a 4.5-inch heel and are available in sizes 5 through 11 medium widths. Pair these with any date night outfit and you’ll be guaranteed to slay.

Sam Edelman’s Circus Sandals

So the Sam Edelman brand has some spin-off brands, one of those spin-off brands is called Circus.NY. Circus.NY was founded by Sam and Libby Edelman. This spin-off brand sells items similar to the parent brand Sam Edelman. The difference is that this brand focuses on a more contemporary lifestyle brand inspired by modern street fashion. Pushing boundaries is the name of the game with this brand and they embody it in their shoes and apparel. 

Circus.Ny and Sam Edelman’s Sim-Heeled Mule

This pair of sandals are available in 2 different colors, Creamsicle and Black. Image courtesy of Circusny.

The Sim Heeled Mule from Circus.NY has a heel height of 3 inches. These sandals are made from a synthetic material and are available in sizes 5 through 11. The sandals are slip-on and have a detail that adds texture and color to each step. These sandals pair perfectly with a dress or skirt.

Common Questions About Sam Edelman Sandals

  • Where Are Sam Edelman Sandals Made?: According to an article from “Ninety-five percent of Edelman’s footwear is made in China, with 5 percent made in Vietnam.” This article was written back in 2018 so things may have changed since then. Unfortunately, the official Sam Edelman website does not provide us with any additional information on where their products are manufactured. 
  • How to Properly Care For Sam Edelman Sandals?: The answer to this one depends on the material your sandals are made of. Luckily for us, the Sam Edelman official website has a care guide that breaks things down in detail for each material. If your sandals are made from patent leather you should keep them away from other patent leather and plastic materials, as these can cause color transfer in your sandals. If your patent leather sandals get dirty you should use a cleaner designed specifically for patent leather. Never use household cleaners on patent leather products, you will ruin them.
  • What Do You Wear With Sam Edelman Sandals?: Most of the items in the Sam Edelman brand’s catalog can pair well with their sandals, assuming you understand the basics of color coordination and style. In general, dresses and skirts work best with this brand’s sandals.


Once again Sam Edelman shows us why his brands are some of the most influential and iconic brands in the fashion industry. All of the different sandals the brand creates embodies a totally different mood and vibe than the last, making it easy to find something to fit your outfit perfectly.

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