How to Hold on to your Memories & Kick the Stress

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I had a moment the other day when I was on my way to visit some family where I started thinking about losing the pictures in my phone. It is an ongoing worry in my mind.  It would devastate me to lose my photos. That is why I writing this article on How to Hold on to your Memories & Kick the Stress related to losing them. I have enough stress and would love some relief. Wouldn’t you?



Since I have been traveling a lot lately, I’ve started using my down time on the plane to listen to books and delete blurry photos from my phone. This gives me more room to take pictures of new memories and avoid seeing the message alerting me that my phone memory is at capacity. How annoying is that message? I constantly worry that I will not be able to capture a precious moment in my munchkin’s life because my stupid phone does not have enough memory!! This is a stress that I really could do without. All the stress related to capturing and saving memories is really unnecessary and I would like to stop thinking about it. That is where RealTimes comes in!


I came upon RealTimes services recently and have been less stressed ever since. It is cloud based service that allows you to save and share your stories with your family and friends. It is the perfect way to track the munchkins big moment and even the little ones.

My family really gets on my case when I don’t send them photos. Sounds stressful right?! It is important to me and the grandparents to document, save, and share all the adorable moments.


RealTimes solves one of the biggest problems parents face today! We all have way too many photos and videos and not enough time to share and organize them. RealTimes instantly and automatically puts pictures together based on location and date into a fun sharable video montage with music. You can even customize the RealTimes Stories by rearranging clips and photos, changing the duration, adding filters and a different soundtrack. Now, you can spend less time sharing photos with your friends and family and more time capturing awesome moments like these!

P1020192 P1020193 P1020194 P1020197RealTimes is great for everyone who uses a smartphone to take pictures. Basically, everyone on Earth! But it’s especially valuable for parents, for two reasons: (1) parents take tons of photos and videos of their kids, and (2) because parents are super busy, they don’t have the time to cull through their massive camera rolls to enjoy their photos/videos again or the time to pick the best ones to share with friends and family – they need a solution that creates great results automatically. Automatically!!!

The RealTimes app is available as a free download on nine different devices, including: Android™ phones and tablets, iPhone™, iPad®, Windows® PCs, Roku® TV players, and Chromecast™. It will soon be available on Mac®, Amazon Fire Phone, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Kindle Fire, and Xbox One™. RealTimes comes with two gigabytes (2GB) of FREE cloud storage, plus an additional five gigabytes (5GB) to users who enable Auto Upload.


30 Days of Premium RealTimes for Free

Subscribers can get 30-days of PREMIUM RealTimes subscription for free with code COUPONSCOM15 from Coupons.com. (Originally, $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year for an additional 25GB of storage and a $9.99 per month Unlimited Plan.) This discount is available from July 14 –August 30. In addition to the two subscription plans, users can opt for the in-app $.99 purchase which allows them to create a RealTimes Story longer than 30 seconds.

For more information on RealTimes, please visit Real.com. Look for RealTimes coupons  on Coupons.com.



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114 thoughts on “How to Hold on to your Memories & Kick the Stress”

  1. Those pictures with the ice cream come are beyond adorable! I can see how you wouldn’t want to lose those or ANY of your cherished memories. It’s wonderful that this app helps to preserve those AND makes it easier to share them with other family and friends 🙂

  2. I like that it’s easy to share on Twitter and Facebook. That’s important to me since all of my family (besides my husband and daughter) live across the country from me, ease of sharing helps us feel closer.

  3. I love the Organize and Manage feature – I take so many pictures and I’m in desperate need of some organization! I would hate to lose them.

  4. Organize and Manage
    Your photos & videos are auto -organized in a timeline and auto-create live album. I like the fact that i could group my photos by importance or by person.

  5. I love that photos and videos automatically format to fit any device. This would make it easier to share with friends and family no matter if you have your phone or ipad or laptop handy.

  6. I am so jealous of videos I see of other people because I don’t think I am capable of making them, but this looks like most of the work is done for me. No intimidation:)

  7. Looks like a great way to capture family moments. I have some old films from when i was a kid and would live for my son to have some when he grows up

  8. I love how it automatically backs up your photos to the cloud. That is appealing because it means I won’t have to worry about doing it myself.

  9. This would be great to share videos to family members, my nieces always make me sign on to MySpace to watch old family videos.

  10. One feature of the RealTIMES product that appeals to me is that the pictures and the videos are automatically organized in a timeline and live albums are created.

  11. I love that you can organize and manage your photos & videos & they auto-create live albums on your time line. Sounds pretty cool.

  12. It is difficult to send pictures and organize them but it looks like there is something now that will make it easier! I appreciate you sharing!

  13. Thank you for sharing this, this is a really helpful application i will try out. Im very paranoid about loosing pictures and clips on my phone too. I use my pictures to share with friends on facebook, and the clips on Youtube and i already lost them all several times now and it’s really a huge bummer when it happen. Last time i spent a lot of money on different applications to try to recover them and didn’t manage to recover not even half of what i had lost so this will really help for sure.

  14. Organize and Manage

    Your photos & videos are auto -organized in a timeline and auto-create live albums. Easy to find, easy to relive.

    Because I simply could use this in my life 🙂

  15. Cool! My sister was just telling me how I should upload our photos and create a movie out of them! I like the feature customize and create because it allows me to choose just the right pictures for the music I choose. I like them to be in sync with each other

  16. I love that you can make a movie of pictures and add music because i been looking to make a sideshow of pictures of my dad who recently passed

  17. The cloud fof secure storage and access from anywhere convenience is the number one reason to use RealTimes.

  18. The personal cloud back up to protect my memories so I don’t loose my pics is my favorite feature because I have lost some pics that were irreplaceable when my husband lost his phone and I don’t want that to happen again!

  19. You can access it anywhere on your tablet or phone and it automatically formats itself to fit….awesome!

  20. My favorite feature is the “Protect Your Memories”, because me, my family, and friends have so many great memories that I would hate to loose them all.

  21. The auto organize and timeline are my favoritevfeatures. With 3 kids anything that helps me organize anything is a plus in my book!

  22. I like that you can access the photos anytime and anywhere…you never know when your computer will choose to break…had this happen before, and you lose everything….

  23. protects in the cloud; would be an excellent way to share among my 4 daughters and wife and Mom & mom in law

  24. Being able to protect your memories is the best.with the grandbabies growing up so quickly,this helps keep them little just a little longer.thanks so much for sharing.

  25. I like the fact that the images are protected (if our house were to burn down or something), but also accessible. Secure and accessible don’t always go hand in hand.

  26. I love that it has cloud back-up. I’m always so worried about my photos and videos being lost if my computer or hard drive crashes.

  27. I like that it would be easy to use making it perfect for those of us who are challenged in this area. Montages are auto-created from your photo and video memories.

  28. I have never used this but will certainly check it out. I would hate to lose my pictures and videos.

  29. I like that you can easily share with individuals or groups with text or email, or share with everyone on Facebook, Twitter and more!

  30. I like the Protect Your Memories one. We had tons of childhood pictures that were lost on a storm. Would love to see those again!

  31. I love that it has cloud storage to protect your memories! I’ve lost so many pictures on accident in the past.

  32. I love the cloud storage because I have lost so many photos when my laptop started having issues. I kept telling myself that I would back them up, but never did. 🙁 I also love that it’s available on so many devices!

  33. I like how you can customize and save your memories on the cloud so you can’t lose them when your computer crashes (learned this the hard way)

  34. I like that the RealTimes site can be accessed from any device. And Cloud backup is something we’re looking into now because we just had to pay big $$ to have a failed disk drive restored so we could recover our photos!

  35. I need an easy way to put pictures into a more ‘professional’ setting…so this auto montage feature is great!

  36. I like that RealTimes gives me the ability to organize my photos, and that it automatically creates a timelime.

  37. I love the RealCloud. I have lost a phone and it had literally every picture from my 20th birthday party. I was hurt. I know I have the memories but I really would love to see what happened! Having that backup would be priceless so if I ever lose a phone again my pictures would be secure.

  38. I like that it stores your photos in the cloud so you don’t have to worry about losing them and you can access them from anywhere.

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