How to Include your Pet in Holiday Festivities

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My family has a tradition of giving gift to our pets on Christmas. We feel that they are the part of the family so they deserve to “open” a few gifts from his family. My dog, Harrison Ford brings me so much joy everyday that I adore giving him gifts. How can you not shower that face with gifts?

Harrison Ford is huge part of the family. He brightens up my day when I get home and spend his days sitting right next to me when I work from home. I could not live without my pup!

IMG_6172 IMG_6179

Here are few simple gift ideas for your pets:

Holiday Themed Pet Toy
Holiday Themed Sweater (this gift in my dogs case is more for me)
A New Bed
New Feeding Bowls
Treats like Purina Beggin StripsPurina Busy Bone. My dog is obsessed with both of these.

IMG_6193 IMG_6207 IMG_6164

Harrison has been chopping on Purina bones since he was a baby. His first obsession was the Chewnola not his tastes have evolved to the Beggin Stips. They look just like bacon and he cannot get enough of them. I have to hide the bag so that he does not literally beg at them. They are name perfectly because he is not afraid to beg for them.

Purina #IDeserveATreat

Don’t miss out on treating your pets like family this Christmas!

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