How to Keep Clothes from Fading

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As spring quickly approaches, I am dying to break out my white jeans and printed tops. Some prints fade quickly making me extremely sad. I want to be able to wear beautiful print tops season after season. Here are a few tips on how to keep your spring prints and really all your clothes from fading.

How to Keep Clothes from Fading

Follow Instructions

Look at the labels of your clothes and follow the directions. If you hate the dry cleaner, before making a clothing purchase, look at the label before you buy it. Dry Clean only = not for me!How to Keep Clothes from Fading (1 of 5)

Sort Color

Keep your colors sorted so that you darks or red don’t bleed onto your beautiful spring prints. Dark color items can turn a vibrant spring print into a dingy color.

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Use Cold Water

I used cold water for everything except towels and blankets. This helps prevent bleeding of colors and prevents damage to clothes. Warm and hot water can break down fibers and germs. Usually, you don’t need to kill germs on clothes that are only worn once. Sheets, towels, and blankets, on the other hand, can gather germs and oils when you sleep on them.

Separate Towels & Clothes

Make sure to separate highly soiled items like towels and sheets from lightly soiled items like clothes so that you can choose different machine wash settings based on the soil level. Use the permanent press setting unless your clothes are extremely soiled. The heavy setting should be reserved for sheets, blankets, and sometimes towels. You don’t need to put extra stress on your garments. This is how you slow down the wear and tear on your garment.

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Condition Fabric

Conditioning fabric can help prevent fading and make the fabric last longer. Just like you need conditioner for your hair to help prevent damage, fabric conditioner coats the fibers, so they don’t wear down as easily. I normally pour Downy in the laundry during the rinse cycle to condition my clothes until I discover an awesome time and space saving item –  Tide PODS® Plus Downy laundry detergent pacs. They offer the Tide clean you love, now with Downy Fabric Protect. To enjoy great cleaning results, use 4-in-1 laundry pacs to clean, brighten, fight stains and protect your clothes every time you do laundry.

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Tide PODS® Plus Downy is the first detergent pac that helps transform the washing machine into a safe place that cleans, conditions, protects the clothing you love.Tide PODS® works with both high efficiency and standard washers. Its HE Turbo technology provides 6x the cleaning power in half the time*.They dissolve in all temperatures including cold water! (Keep out of reach of children)

*stain removal of 1 Tide PODS® pac vs. 6 doses of leading bargain brand liquid detergent, base variant.

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