How to Spend Quality Time with your Dog

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I’m serving my dog CESAR® home delights™ as part of a sponsored series with Socialstars. #CesarHomeDelights How to Spend Quality Time with your Dog

Having a dog is one of the most rewarding parts of my life. My dog Harrison Ford is such a mama’s boy that just really wants to cuddle with me day and night. He is naturally very calm and wants to spend most of the day sleeping next to me as I work and cuddling me the whole time. I have been using my desk treadmill lately, so he has not been getting the quality time he deserves. I am determined to make time for him so that he gets some time just for him.


Chasing Lizards

My Harrison just loves chasing lizards. In Florida, they are around all year so when I am gardening I let Harrison outside to go wild on the lizard chasing.


Dog Park

Dog parks are all about friendly dogs interacting with other and getting some much needed mental and physical stimulation. Being on the leash at all times outdoors can prevent your dog from using all his senses. This can always help sharpen your dogs social skills. The one we go to has two areas one for big dogs and one for small dogs. Make sure to check out what the rules of the dog park are before going. Last time I went, I brought the wrong leash and was told that I could have been fined. It takes a quick moment to look it up before setting out for the park.


Bring your Dog to Work

Before I started working from home, I had an office where my bosses were pet lovers. Come to think of it, 4 of the firms that I worked at during and after school were dog-friendly places. I guess dog lovers just flock to each other.

Bring your Dog to Pet-Friendly Events

To find pet-friendly events in your area, do a google search for dog-friendly events in your area to see where you can bring your dog. I found a list of restaurants and events.

Stay Home during Storms

Stay home with your dog and console them during storms. Most dogs get very upset from thunder and lightning. You can help your dog cope by staying home and reassuring them that everything is going to be ok. Petting helps too!

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Play with New Toys

Buy your pup a new toy from the pet store with his or her help. You can bring your pet to most pet stores to help pick out the one your dog will love the most.

Eat Together

Instead of having your dog beg for food by the side of the table, you can eat with them at the table. When Harrison eats CESAR®Home Delights™, he has no interest in our food. He loves it so much. CESAR® Home Delights™ borrows the recipes your family loves and makes them just for your dog! With CESAR® Home Delights™, you’re ready to give your dog what he’s always wanted: your dinner.

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